National Pet Month: Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Your Dog

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May is here, and so is National Pet Month! We know you love showing your dog how much you adore and appreciate them every day.

National Pet Month
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But when is a better time to make your furry friend feel extra special AND celebrate the joys of pet ownership than this month?

So, in honor of this month-long holiday celebration, we’ve listed down meaningful ways to celebrate your dog and show them how much they mean to you. Continue reading to see more!

What Is National Pet Month?

National Pet Month aims to celebrate and promote responsible pet ownership. It also helps raise awareness about the benefits of owning a pet and all the positive contributions of pets as companions to society.

National Pet Month also encourages fundraising that benefit many pet welfare charities and organizations. Furthermore, it also helps upcoming, new and old pet owners alike on how to better take care of their pets.

In the UK, the holiday is celebrated in April. But in the United States, it is celebrated in May.

Ways To Celebrate Your Dog On National Pet Month

There are a number of ways to celebrate your dog during National Pet Month. Continue reading below to see how you can meaningfully celebrate this month-long holiday and show your furry friend how special they are:

1. Explore New Places

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You don’t have to go far with your dog to explore new places. You can look for a dog-friendly park or a restaurant you haven’t been to or visit a new pet store where they can pick out some new treats, toys, beds, etc.

But of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always travel to a new place, go swimming or even go hiking with your dog!

2. Give Your Dog A Special Gift

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Aside from your dog’s birthday, we do think that National Pet Month is a perfect time to get them a special gift.

You can buy them a cake, a new collar or accessory, new toys and treats. Or if you want to make the gift extra special, you can try your hand at DIY projects that can make their lives better and much more exciting, like a tennis ball turned into a treat ball!

3. Pamper And Spoil Your Dog

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Just like us hoomans, our furry friends deserve to look their best. And what better way to do this than by scheduling a professional grooming session for them?

Pamper and spoil your dog with a grooming session that includes a bath, haircut, nail trimming, ear cleaning, tooth brushing and more! This can be a great opportunity for your pet to not only look their best, but also feel amazing!

4. Volunteer At A Local Animal Shelter

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National Pet Month isn’t only about celebrating your pet dog, but also all pets. And to stay true to the holiday’s objectives, you can visit and volunteer at a local animal shelter for a day or two.

A lot of local animal shelters gladly welcome volunteers and will most likely be very grateful for the extra pair of hands. Furthermore, this is a great way to show stray animals some extra love and attention.

5. Donate To Animal Charities

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If you can’t volunteer, you can always help other pets and animals in different ways. One way of doing this is by donating to a local animal shelter or charity and help raise awareness about the importance of adopting.

Shelters and charities can use the donation to buy food, shelter supplies, vaccinations and other medical needs for their strays. Here are a few animal charities you can support and donate to:

  • Animal Welfare League of Arlington – This nonprofit organization find forever homes for stray pets. They also provide low-cost medical care for animals so that pet owners do not end up abandoning them.
  • Best Friends Animal Society – This is a no-kill sanctuary that takes in strays and makes sure no pet is killed and ends up in a happy, loving home.
  • PAWS Atlanta – PAWS Atlanta is another no-kill shelter that provides everything a pet needs until they find a permanent home – love, food, medical care and even basic training.
  • Freedom Guide Dogs for the Blind – This is an organization that breeds and trains dogs to become guide dogs for visually impaired and blind individuals for free.
  • Greater Good Charities Flights To Freedom – This is a charity that helps transport pets that are at a great risk of being put down at overcrowded shelters to safe shelters where they’ll quickly get adopted.

Celebrating Our Pets Every Day

While National Pet Month is a month-long holiday that helps us celebrate our pets, it’s important to know that we should be doing this all the time. Every day should be a day to cherish our pets and honor the joy and comfort they bring into our lives.

And no matter how you choose to celebrate National Pet Month, we hope you have fun and do something meaningful that’ll help in the holiday’s cause of raising awareness about the importance of pets in our lives, as individuals and as a society.

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