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Thought-Provoking Video Shows Another Side to Pet Adoption

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Anyone who’s rescued a dog knows that, sometimes, the dog is often the one doing the rescuing. In a thought-provoking new video, the tables are turned, giving the viewer a glimpse into another side to pet adoption.

Pet Adoption

When visiting a shelter or rescue, prospective pet parents often look for a special connection with a dog, that indescribable feeling, knowing, that they’ve found their new best friend.

Just in time for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on April 30 and National Pet Month throughout the entire month of May, BBDO New York created a video titled “Pick Me,” that beautifully illustrates that special moment in a new, thought-provoking way.

“The reality of pet adoption is that a mutual connection is formed the instant a person meets the dog they’re adopting,  which is why many people say that their dog ‘picked’ them,” said Melodie Bolin, PEDIGREE® Brand Manager at Mars Petcare.

With nearly 4 million dogs entering shelters yearly, there are so many furry friends waiting to find forever homes.

And, we need them just as much as they need us.

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