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The Weimaraner – the sporting “Grey Ghost”

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Would you like to own one of the best hunting dogs in the world? A dog that has a sleek short hair silver/grey coat, amber or blue eyes, and weighs around eighty pounds with a very trainable nature and highly intelligent? If so you should look at the Weimaraner – the sporting “Grey Ghost” as they are lovingly called.

The Weimaraner – the sporting “Grey Ghost”

As you may have guessed from the breeds name these dogs originated in Germany in the early 1800’s. Bred to be a supreme hunting dog by the Grand Duke Karl August or the Weimar Republic, the Duke wanted not only a great hunting dog but a wonderful family dog as well. Nicknamed the Grey Ghost of the forest, these dogs move swiftly and silently through the forests in search of their prey. Most canine authorities assume the Weimaraner – the sporting “Grey Ghost” is the result of selective breeding of Bloodhounds and intelligent hunting dogs as no records have been found concerning this selective breeding.

I know of two families who own Weimaraners and have met one of the dogs. I was very impressed with how friendly and gentle the dog is. Known for a great temperament as well as very protective of family and children, the “Grey Ghost” is a highly intelligent and trainable dog. They are friendly with other dogs but can be a bit aggressive towards cats as well as other animals due to the instinctive hunting quality bred into them. Weimaraners are fearless, obedient, and when you see one their expressions are as though they might be slightly smiling at you. They are very beautiful, muscular, and sleek dogs with friendly dispositions.

Before considering the purchase of this breed any potential owner must understand these dogs require plenty of exercise. If you do not have the time or desire to own a dog that will get you out for plenty of exercise you might want to look at other breeds. If not given the exercise and attention they crave the Weimaraner can become frustrated, and will give your home furnishings a good going over so keep this in mind.

Because of their breeding the Weimaraner – the sporting “Grey Ghost” have a domineering mentality so training must begin at the puppy stage. The owner has to be willing to put in the required effort training and exercising these dogs while establishing you are the “Alpha” member of the family so your sporting pooch listens and accepts your commands.

Do you own a Weimaraner? Please leave your comments below

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  1. Avatar Of Ron



    Weimaraners, great companions. I have had them for 48 years, anywhere from one to 4 simultaneously. I am not a hunter but have them as part of the family. Yes, if not kept busy by you, they will keep themselves entertained and usually, your home ends up suffering. But, when kept busy and trained, you will not find a better companion or “protector”. They become possessive of family members, especially children and will not let anything happen to them. They are velcro dogs and attach themselves to the family. They need to be inside, on a couch,in bed,where ever their family is, not to be cooped up outside. Very low maintenance,very loving, very intelligent, each one we have ever had has a personality like no other one. Each one has their own quirks. Right now, we have 3, one of them collects pillows,even to taking them outside to lay on, one wants to be under blankets even on 90 degree days and one smiles. Just all around great dogs, or should I say people as they think they are.

  2. Avatar Of Christine Davidson

    Christine Davidson


    Yes. I HAVE A GREY GHOST. Male 3 yrs old. Very loving dog. Loves his family. And knows I’m the alpha. Loves to play. Swim. Travel in a truck.plays fetch keep away with tug rope. I don’t have to carry a weapon to much. River won’t let anyone near me with out my approval. River got himself a Canadian goose.. has no fear of any animals.River weighs 120. Last winter. Great family dog. I did purchase him at 8 weeks. He is my true companion. We have land he can run. Very fast dog. River aims to please me. Loves to be loved on.
    I have owned 3 Doberman. 1 Sheppard. 2 labs. In my yearsThis is a breed of there own. I WISHED MY GROWN ADULT CHILDREN LISTEN AS WELL AS RIVER. TRULY Awesome BREED.

  3. Avatar Of Weimylove



    Weimaraners are very bright, high energy, sensitive and devoted. But don’t be confused by the attractive exterior–they require an experienced owner willing to keep them active and give them lots of attention. Also, they have what is called a “soft mouth” which means they are gentle, but can slobber a bit too much for some owners.

    There are many positive qualities, and they are my favorite breed, but please consider a rescue if you want one–there are too many owners who don’t research the breed fully before bringing one into the home and end up turning them over for rescue or shelter. If there breed requirements aren’t met, they can cause problems in your household. And they will NEVER do well kept outside of the home, away from their “people.”

    Hope that helps!

  4. Avatar Of Patty



    Weimies are the best dogs ever! We have two now, used to be three, (but our first went to the Rainbow Bridge last year), and I can tell you they are super smart, have wonderful senses of humor too. I once read they are the dog that most closely thinks like a human (or something to that effect). It is so true.
    They are loving, loyal and magnificent athletically. And as you can tell, they have captured our hearts completely.

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