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West Highland White Terrier

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The West Highland White Terrier, also called as Westie, is a trendy breed of small, sturdy dog that originated in Scotland. It belongs to the Terrier breed family which is remarkable for their distinct personality and hunting skills. Westies have been bred to become companions and vermin killers. Their straight double coat is hard in the outer part, and soft underneath. It normally comes in solid white color.

Height and Weight

The male members of the West Highland White Terrier usually stand a height of 10 to 12 in at the withers, and weigh 15 to 22 lbs. Bitches, on the other hand, typically have a height of 9 to 11 in, and a weight of 13 to 16 lbs.

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Westies, in general, are pleasant, confident little dogs. They are playful, lively, and spirited. They bond well with children and are relatively friendly with strangers. The breed is easy to train, and they tend to love companionship. Despite their small size, Westies generally make excellent watchdogs. They usually tend to be aggressive with small animals as well as other terriers in the same household. They are quite jealous, and they like to dig and bark. In addition, the breed needs a firm but calm, consistent owner who can show proper leadership to keep them well-behaved.


Westies are easy to groom. Their white coat needs a shower once a month, at the minimum. Brushing them a couple of times a week is also necessary. Regular trimming, particularly in their hind areas is advisable. Their entire coat has to be trimmed at least thrice a year, and then stripped a couple of times a year. Westies shed very lightly.

Health Concerns

Members of the West Highland White Terrier breed have an average lifespan of12 to 14 years. Some of the common health issues known to plague the breed include liver complications, joint and bone conditions, degenerative brain disease, chronic hernias, and skin allergies.

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Best Environment

Westies generally have a moderate tolerance to both cold and hot climates. Nonetheless, they are best suited to sleep indoors. They can thrive well in both country homes, and townhouses. Because the breed likes to chase and dig, providing them a securely fenced yard is highly advisable. In addition, Westies have moderate exercise requirements. Simple daily physical activities such as short walks and games of fetch are highly recommended for them.

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    I’ve had Westies for most of my life and only in the past 2 to 3 years they have become popular in Canada and the U.S. as a result of Cesar dog food ads.

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    Westies are the Besties for SURE!!

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    Great house dog.

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