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Choosing a Breed

What Breed Best Suits You?

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To get an idea, let’s start with the Toy classification. These are the cute smaller dogs you will often find movie stars and other celebrities pictured with. The big draw for these little guys, besides how cute they are, is they adapt well to small living environments. Dogs from the Toy category are a perfect choice for those who live in cities, apartments, and small homes, where the dog does not need plenty of room for exercise and feels comfortable in smaller spaces.

Next up is the Sporting group. These are the dogs that are very trainable to use as bird dogs, and other activities requiring a high intelligence level. Included in this category will be Brittany Spaniels and Labradors.

Another group is the Working class of dogs. German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Beagles, and many other dog breeds make up this class. These dogs are also very intelligent, can be trained to do search and rescue, protection, guide dogs for the blind and disabled, and much more. They generally tend to be the largest of all dog breeds.

Last we have the Mutts. These are the cross bred dogs and the favorite of many people because they are simply—mutts! Some claim that mutts usually have less physical and behavioral problems than the purebreds, due to no or little history of inbreeding.

When deciding what dog breed best suits you, take many factors into consideration. Eventually you will narrow down the choices to a few, and any dog breed from these will be the best selection for your new best friend!

How do you select a dog? Please leave comments below.

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  1. Avatar Of Pam Mergl

    Pam Mergl


    Another Silkie Terrier for us…fun, lively and oh so loveable…our last Silkie passed away ay 15.8 years…

  2. Avatar Of Dhruv Bhagat Dhruv Bhagat says:

    For me, its a PUG. They are so cute with monkey face. My pug (Liono) start playing with me own his own.. He doesn’t need any special things like other dogs wanted.. I love my dog a lot… 😀

    Nice article Ron! Keep posting 😉

  3. Avatar Of Rita Miller

    Rita Miller


    I have a Cocker Spaniel .. He is loyal and would die for me .. He is my best friend ..

  4. Avatar Of Duca



    Nice, peaceful, loving and happy! This dog do not eat a lot, do not run a lot, a little to fit into the arms and bed, bag, lap ..

  5. Avatar Of Sharon Sharon says:

    Choose the dog you are going to love unconditionally no matter what and this dog will love you a lifetime. Don’t get a dog unless you are going to be 100% committed and not decide you cannot handle it and place the dog in a rescue or turn it out for someone else to take the dog in as I have done many times for these strays people no longer wanted. They are innocent creatures that will love you no matter what. Sometimes it is even good to let the dog choose you. Have the dog spayed or neutered and place on flea, tick, heart worm preventive medicine. Last but not least, check out your local animal rescue as there are plenty needing their forever home.

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