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What Changes To Expect As Your Dog Gets Older

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Like people, not all dogs age equally or are considered “seniors” at the same time. But, a good rule of thumb, besides addressing any concerns with your vet, of course, is to start looking for signs of your four-legged-friend aging at around 7 years old. This article, by About.com Guide, Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, tells us what changes to expect as your dog gets older.

  • Slowing down– You may notice that you dog slows down some with aging. This isn’t always the case, but look for subtle changes in how s/he gets up, lays down, and uses stairs. Is there any hesitation or stiffness? Does a change in the weather (rainy, cold) make it worse?Arthritis is common in dogs as they age, particularly large breeds. Arthritis can occur in any joint, most commonly the legs, neck and back (spine). There are many different medications available to help ease the discomfort of arthritis — see your vet if you notice any signs of slowing down in your dog. Another potential cause of slowing down is hypothyroidism, an endocrine disorder common in dogs. This condition is easily diagnosed and treated with proper veterinary care.
  • Graying around the face, muzzle – One of my dogs went prematurely gray at two years of age, but most dogs commonly show a bit of gray starting at middle age (5-6 years).
  • Reduced hearing– Is your dog hard to wake up after sleeping or does s/he become startled easily if you approach from behind? Hearing loss or deafness may be a reason for this. There isn’t a lot that can be done for age-related hearing loss, but a vet exam should be done first to rule out other medical problems, such as an infection, growth, or foreign body in the ear.If your dog does experience hearing loss, take care to protect him/her from hazards, such as cars and kids that s/he may not hear (or see). Dogs do learn and adapt well using hand signals to come, stay, sit, and so on. It is a good idea to “cross train” your dog early in life to recognize basic hand signals.
  • Cloudy or “bluish” eyes – As they age, dog’s eyes often show a bluish transparent “haze” in the pupil area. This is a normal effect of aging, and the medical term for this is lenticular sclerosis. Vision does not appear to be affected. This is NOT the same as cataracts. Cataracts are white and opaque. Vision can be affected by cataracts, and your vet needs to be consulted (see “when is it time to see the vet?” below).
  • Muscle atrophy – Mild loss of muscle mass, especially the hind legs, may be seen with old age. Some muscle atrophy, notably on the head and the belly muscles, can signify diseases such as masticatory myositis and Cushing’s Disease. Be sure to have your vet check this out if any muscle loss is noted.

Being mindful of your dog’s general health as he ages, and knowing what to expect as your dog gets older, will ensure a high quality of life for you both. Feel free to visit the rest of About.com’s article here, and we’d love to hear your own stories about your aging dog below!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of John Kyrouac

    John Kyrouac


    We have had Allie going on 17 years. She has been member of this family from day one. I say she moved in and took over and trained us the way she wanted us to be. I mean that she taught us to love and care for her which we do gladly. She is part cocker and part something else but she is the best dog we have ever had. She has to be outside when the kids meet to catch the school bus so they can come to the porch and pet her and get thier kisses. She is a little love.She likes to play tricks on us to. Once she sat in the middle of the room and kept staring at the cealing without moving. I watched her for about a minute or so and my courisoth got the best of me so I looked up. When I did that=she looked at me and gave a little “ruff” as if to say gotcha and up and walked away. The wife and I laughed our selves into tears.
    this little girl has a place in our hearts that will remain forever. We love her just as if she was one of our own kids. In a way–I guess she is. I could go on and on about the the way she has changed our lives. I wish everyone had a pet like her. She is one of a kind. She gives as much love as she gets and more. We thaank the Good Lord for sending her to us. We got her when she was one year old. She was born the day before Christmas–our Christmas puppy. We like to talk to our Allie Girl just like she was a human ana sometimes I know she understands us. By the way–she still thinks she is a puppu to.

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