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What Kind of Dog is That?

In eHarmony‘s Top 10 list of pickup lines, #3 is “What kind of dog is that?”  Founded in 2000 by psychologist Neil Warren after 35 years of marriage counseling, eHarmony knows a thing or two about helping you find a match.  So, if you’re looking for love, try “What kind of dog is that?”

What Kind of Dog is That?

If the person you have your eyes on is with a “prop,” you’ve already got a clear advantage. Pets famously bring people together on dog walks and in parks and cafes across the country — who doesn’t love to talk about his or her furry bundle of joy? You can also take it to the next level by adding the funny/infamous, “Does he/she have a phone number?”

As noted, pets bring people together, and not just for love.  If you simply want to meet new people, go to your local dog park and ask “What kind of dog is that?”  To find out the other top 9 pickup lines, click here.  Has a dog helped you find true love?


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