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What To Name a New Puppy?

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So you finally did the deed and bought the new puppy the family has been wanting. Congratulations! Any ideas on what the little pup is going to be named? If not we have a few suggestions for you to speed this process along. Occasionally the pup will exhibit certain behaviors bringing the perfect name to mind, and if so, definitely go with it. For the others who need a name yet have difficulty when it is time to name a new puppy this article is for you.

If the newest member of the family is a purebred pup you might want to consider something a bit more stately for his or her name. This is especially true if the pup will become a show dog. Or you can name a new puppy by choosing a name that fits with the pups heritage and breed. French poodles beg for a name with French linkage. Same thing works for German Shepherds. Many other breeds can use the same method for arriving at the perfect name for the pup.

Mixed breed dogs open up a totally new approach and most anything goes when your new pup is a mixed breed. For suggestion you can ask each member of the family what name the like. Maybe take a poll and see which name wins. If the new puppy is destined to be a daughters or sons dog they should be allowed to name the pup.

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