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Jenny Brown got her idea while she was selling spicy pretzels at a holiday farmer’s market. Several people requested she make a peanut butter version they could share with their dogs.

She thought to herself, “What goes better with pretzels than beer?” and Bowser Beer was born.

Don’t worry – Bowser Beer is safe and non-alcoholic. She eliminated the the hops, which are toxic to dogs, and created a non-carbonated mixture of meat broth, malt barley and glucosamine.

ABC News reports:

“People have an incredible emotional bond with their dogs, so it’s just natural for people to want to include them and say, ‘My dog can have a beer too,'” Brown said.

Brown was looking for a job when she took Beefy Brown Ale, Bowser Beer’s first flavor, to a pet expo in Virginia later that year. But the more she looked into it, she said, the more it started to dawn on her that she had a business opportunity on her hands.

Since then, she has shipped batches of beer nationwide, and dog-oriented businesses in 42 states have begun selling Bowser Beer, which now comes in a chicken-flavored variety, Cock-a-Doodle-Brew. The beer has taken off internationally, too, with a special edition selling in the pet section of London’s Harrods department store.

People who want to share a brew with their best friend can purchase Bowser Beer through Brown’s website, and can customize the label with a photo of their dog and give it a brew name. Two of Brown’s favorites are “I Don’t Give a Shih-Tzu Brew” and “I Only Have Eyes for Brew”, a batch dedicated to guide dogs for the blind.

Brown says dogs prefer their Bowser Beer served outside of their normal water bowls. She recommends pouring it over their food, freezing it into tasty ice cubes or letting Fido drink straight from the plastic bottle!
Bowser Beer was featured on Good Morning America. Check this out!

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  1. Avatar Of Carol



    I think my Monty will pass on this one. I’m sure he’d love it, but he’s gassy enough as it is!

  2. Avatar Of Edith



    I warn people not to put drinks at dog level because most people don’t like to drink from the same glass as a dog.

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