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When Feeding Dogs Becomes Killing Dogs

I love going into Pet Stores.

I love the smells.

I love that I can come in the store.

I love that I can pee on the floor and no one minds.

(I sure don’t. Where else can I pee on the floor and no one yells! 🙂 )

So I was surprised to listen in on a conversation between my dog parent and one of the employees of a big big big pet store.

My dog parent likes to feed me only healthy foods.

He likes to get me food that looks and smells like the food he eats.

So the gal at the checkout counter says something to him that surprised both of us.

One of the products this store sells is made with the dangerous Chicken Jerky from China.

And to make things worse – the product has a healthy name that you THINK you’re getting something good for your dog…

But really, it’s something that could kill your dog.

It makes me so mad.

Sometimes I just want to sink my teeth into some big executive’s leg.

But then I remember that they’re so nice to let me pee on their floor and I let the feeling pass.

But they really should sell stuff that’s bad for dogs.


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Read this article and you’ll see another example of selling dangerous products.


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