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When Man’s Best Friend is a Little Too Friendly…

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Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, a title they’ve earned for their unconditional love, companionship, and winning personalities. But when your dog is a little too friendly, practicing embarrassing humping behavior, calling them the “leg’s” best friend would also be kind of appropriate.

Perhaps your couch pillows, your kid’s favorite stuffed toy, and new furniture have already fallen victims to your pet’s out-of-control humping behavior. This may be alright at first, but the moment you see your dog get extremely personal with random passers-by or guests, that’s when you find the behavior humiliating or disturbing.

What Can be Done

Because there is no such thing as Humping Dogs Anonymous, you better do something to curb this embarrassing behavior by checking out the guidelines below. Start getting your four-legged humping friend to dismount and calm down by doing the following:

  1. Say a firm “No” or “Stop”. Let your dog know who is the boss, and then give the verbal correction to make them aware that humping is not appropriate. You may get his attention by clapping your hands. Remember not to ever hit your pet to get rid of such undesirable behavior as it would only evoke in him fear as well as resentment toward you.
  2. As soon as your dog exhibits the mounting or humping behavior, some experts suggest you spray him with a spritz of water to communicate the message that what he has done is not right.
  3. Find out the root of the matter. Learning the causes of dog humping is necessary to understand that such behavior is not always sexual in nature – and not always performed by male dogs. Some dogs mount and hump to show dominance or mere admiration. Others do it as a form of play. Expect that dogs between the ages of six months to two years are the ones who are almost certainly inclined to hump.
  4. Distract your puppy. Dog humping is considered to be an instinctual response. Change your pet’s focus and he will surely refrain from exhibiting the behavior. Re-focus his attention in the middle of the humping act to his favorite toys, to a walk or exercise, or any other sort of playful rerouting.
  5. Ignore and provide the silent treatment. Because dogs love attention, ignoring the humping behavior may actually do the trick. Do this by leaving the room without warning. Ignoring his behavior will let him realize that humping is not earning your approval.
  6. Neuter your dog. Castrating or spaying does not only regulate pet population but it also slows down the dog’s urge to hump almost everything in sight. Nonetheless, neutering is not a sure cure to the humping menace especially if the dog has strongly established the humping habit.
  7. Take your dog to a doggie boot camp. Incorporating obedience training is very helpful as it gives you the opportunity to seek help and advice from expert trainers or canine behavioral specialists in dealing with the humping problem.
  8. Give your dog plenty of exercise. Because daily physical and mental stimulation aids in releasing pent up energy, aggression, stress, and desires to hump, take your pet on a long, strenuous walk, as well adequate as play time every day.
  9. Seek advice from your veterinarian. Some cases indicate that humping is a result of hormone imbalances so consulting your veterinarian is advisable to identify possible underlying serious conditions like hypothyroidism.

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