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Where Do You Buy Your Pet’s Food?

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When it comes to shopping for your pet’s food, the health of your four-legged best friends should be your biggest concern. But, for most pet parents, there are other factors to consider, too!

Price, convenience, and availability of your chosen food are all a factor. So tell us, where do YOU buy your pet’s food?

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  1. Avatar Of Bernadette



    I buy Taste of the Wild, roasted lamb through Amazon. There is one store I can buy it from by its not really close. As for treats, this is problematic because Harley is a Yorkie and weighs 10 pounds. I can’t give him high calorie snacks, so I usually go for baby carrots (4 calories) or Cherrios. I never buy any food or snacks at Walmart because 80% is made in China.

  2. Avatar Of Thea O'Brian

    Thea O'Brian


    I feed my dog “Cesar’s” wet food. Andy gets along beautifully and this product has never been recalled for poisonous crap in it. When I showed my vet what I was feeding him he told me “if there is such a thing as reincarnation, when I die I want to come back as a dog and live at your house.” I must be doing something right.
    For hard chews for his teeth: he gets all natural things. NO rawhide ever.

  3. Avatar Of J. Marie

    J. Marie


    My dog food in not available at any of the above. I feed Taste of the wild salmon dry kibble. I can only find it at a feed store. It’s quality food made in America with no fillers and the first ingredient is wild caught salmon. The only salmon I personally eat. My girl has food allergies and this works well! We also only use natural treats called just veggin by old mother Hubbard or treats from the Vet. I also make my own treats too. My motto is “if you can buy your dog food from Walmart, it’s substandard!” Nothing ever, ever made in China either! Only made in USA!

  4. Avatar Of Shana Smith

    shana smith


    I would not buy any foods from big box stores, the things that are in most kibble would make you sick. The 4D meat dead, diseased, dying, and disabled as well as things like euthanized pets, roadkill and dead zoo animals. When I switched my dog to Orijen, I use dehydrated but they have great kibble as well and raw like Darwins his entire life changed. I also use treats like Tuckers and Dr Harveys that dont have food dyes and corn. Those kibbles are killing our dogs. I understand that it can be more expensive but for me the money I save in vet bills more than covers it. Our dogs have not evolved to eat what amounts to other industry’s garbage dried and sprayed with fat which they eat day after day, I dont know about others but I would not want to live like that so I dont make him.

  5. Avatar Of Carol Carol says:

    I understand that” NAtural Balance ” has been sold to a big box Co.. Should I continue to trust it ?????

  6. Avatar Of Nettie



    Not only do I shop at PetSmart, I also shop at PetCo, Walmart, Shoprite and Price Chopper.

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