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Which Dog Breed Are You? Find Out With This Fun Website!

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If you were a dog, which breed would you be?

A fun new website from Microsoft allows you to upload a photo – any photo, of you, your dog, your cat, your friends – and analyzes the image to determine which dog breed your photo most resembles.

Users can upload photos at www.what-dog.net or download the “Fetch!” app to get their results.

Using your iPhone camera or photo library, it can identify and classify dogs by breeds and tell you what kind of human personality fits best with specific breeds. And just for fun, the app will even take an informed guess on what kind of dog you or your friends might be.

We put Microsoft’s new website to the test… first, with our editor’s dogs, Olive and Noah:

Screenshot 2016-02-12 At 11.08.32 Am

Nailed it!

“If you want to take photos of dogs, it will tell you what dog breed it is, if it’s one of our supported breeds,” Mitch Goldberg, a development director at Microsoft Research says. “If I choose to take a photograph of a flower, it’ll say, ‘No dogs found! Hmmm… This looks more like…flower?’ But if you take a picture of a person, it’ll kick into its hidden fun mode. And in a playful way, it’ll communicate to you not only what type of dog it thinks you are, but also why. It’s fun to see if the app knows it’s not a dog. A lot of the time, it’ll tell you what that image is. When there’s not a dog, you still want to use it.”

So, for fun, we ran our editor’s image through the site:

Screenshot 2016-02-12 At 10.56.12 Am

What do you think? A match?

No two pictures yield the same result. You could resemble a Doberman Pinscher in one photo (sunglasses, no makeup) or a Pekingese (no glasses, makeup) in another. If you photograph an inanimate object, it might tell you, “No dogs found!” and make an informed guess at what it is.

Try it out for yourself and let us know your results! It’s fun!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Jim Jim says:

    Fun article. That site thinks I’m a Scottish Terrier…

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