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Why is My Dog so Gassy?

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Sometimes, you just can’t help but to laugh, but it can also be rather embarrassing to hear Fido passing gas (especially in front of visitors). While every dog will “cut the cheese” now and then, your dog shouldn’t be a constant source of smelly gas.

One of the most common causes of flatulence or passing of gas in dogs is their tendency to swallow huge amounts of air as they gulp down their food. Another common cause is eating gas-producing foodstuffs like cabbage, cauliflower, and soybeans. Often, the excess gas, which can be rather pungent and bothersome, is associated with your dog’s incomplete digestion of carbohydrates.

Determining the Culprit

Anything that disturbs the balance of your dog’s digestion can result in him producing the offensive gas. Depending on what your pooch has eaten and how his digestive tract works, a number of substances such as hydrogen sulphide can be produced. Some of the most common causative factors of too much foul gas in dogs include the following:

1. Foods. Dogs that eat nutrients which are high in corn, soy, wheat, or other cereal grains can worsen gas in susceptible breeds. Both high and low fiber doggie diets can also generate flatulence in some dogs. And, food preservatives and additives can upset the sensitive balance of bacterial and fungal population that aid in digestion. Aside from that, excessive levels of protein in your pet’s diet can also result in foul-smelling gas.

2. Diet and medication. Sudden changes in your dog’s diet can explain why he’s suddenly become gassy. In addition, drugs that negatively influence your dog’s digestion and bowel movements can also be a trigger for him to pass gas. These often include anti-depressants, antibiotics, narcotics, blood pressure medicines, herbs, and other natural supplements.

3. Parasites and bacteria. Intestinal parasites such as Giardia have been frequently linked with gas problems in dogs. Bacterial overgrowth can also be a cause since it’s generally a condition wherein a single bacterial strain disrupts the normal balance.

4. Bowel and acid production problems. Bowel disorders in dogs normally result in a gastrointestinal malfunction. It’s a broad category which includes health issues like food allergy and inflammatory bowel disease. Furthermore, problems associated with acid production in your pooch’s stomach or enzyme-making by the pancreas can also result in Fido passing gas.

5. Stress. Yet another known source of flatulence in dogs is stress. Excessive stress can cause your pooch’s body to change its hormone balance; leading to the damage of his intestinal lining, weakening of immune system, and disruption of his local fungal as well as bacterial balance.

Addressing your pooch’s gas problem properly takes an individualized treatment approach. The basic plan is for you to get your dog into a safe, comfy space, provide him with good, healthy foods to eat and drink, and aid him in eliminating the toxins that interfere with his health.

One of the best ways to quickly and safely cure your dog’s gas is by adding healthy probiotics to his diet. Good Guts is a once-a-day probiotic supplement that helps boost immune function, reduces gas, and supports detoxification and the natural elimination process. It also contains an excellent enzyme blend to help break down foods and absorb nutrition. The Good Guts capsules are Cheeseburger Deluxe flavored to please even the pickiest pups and contain seven strains of probiotics and has 3 billion CFUs, making it one of the most effective probiotics available especially for dogs. Click here for more information and to purchase Good Guts by Fidobiotics.

While a random “toot” from time to time is generally of no concern, if you believe your pup is passing too much gas, consult your veterinarian for treatment options.

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  1. Avatar Of Michelle



    My female dog just had puppies. She passes gas more than 10 times a day and they're really foul. What to do? Please. She's currently nursing.

  2. Avatar Of Deb H

    Deb H


    our worst was a doxie who would let her stinks while sitting beside you on the couch. She would look at you as if in disgust and get down. This was most embarrassing when you were with company who didn’t know her ways! Bad dog!!

  3. Avatar Of Julie



    I have a 4 yr old Boxer who is about as gassy as they come. My vet has had me try about every different type of dog food under the sun and yet he is still gassy. He is healthy, happy and playful. The only thing that helps the gas is gasx (yes this was vet recommended-boy can he clear a room!) some breeds are just a bit gassy, especially boxers!

  4. Avatar Of George



    Our vet told us probiotics are a good idea for older dogs so we sprinkle some in her food once a day. The brand we use is In Clover, not sure if you can just add some yogurt etc, but seemed to help her with gas and keep her regular.

  5. Avatar Of Pam Brafdley Pam Brafdley says:

    Our dogs eat a healthy diet by eating blade steak and carrots cooked but they still have a tendency to pass wind silently as if nothing happened what are we doing wrong .

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