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Why Your Dog Needs a Schedule

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Man operates on a schedule. We have normal time to go to bed, get up in the morning, when to eat, and on and on. While many pet owners might not know this, it is the same for your dogs. They thrive on a routine and any disruption in this routine is likely to be upsetting to the dog. Why set a schedule for your dog? For the very same reasons we function normally with a set schedule—a sense of a known routine. A good schedule for most dogs is discussed below.

Why set a schedule for your dog

1)    Fresh water should be provided every morning and evening with their food. For your dog’s healthy digestive operation feed them in the morning and evening at the same time every day.

2)    Sleep time for a dog is normally 14-18 hours a day with this being broken up into several “naps” because dogs have the ability to enter into the Rem cycle of sleep quickly. This is the period of time during sleep when the body gets the deep, regenerating sleep vital to feeling refreshed upon waking. You will know your dog is in the rem cycle when you see them appear to be running or barking. For dogs who sleep more than 16 hours a day this is a good indication he or she is either incredibly lazy or needs a trip to your vet.

3)    Set an activity or play time for your dog. Try to block at least 15 to 30 minutes at least a couple times a day for this routine. Dogs need plenty of exercise and stimulation for their well-being plus it is a great time to train the dog, bond with them, and you also reap the benefits of this physical activity. It helps keep your dog lean and strong. If your schedule does not allow for this have a family member or friend walk the dog at the scheduled times. As described in an article on PetPlace.com:

Dogs love to be fussed over and to spend quality time with their owners. This time makes them feel important and loved, just as you we feel when a loved ones gives us undivided attention. This “time” can be just sitting or watching TV. Many dogs love it if you also do some petting or brushing!

4)     For puppies you are going to need to a lot more training time for housebreaking with feeding, water, and outside trip more frequent. Older dogs will require more sleep, less food, shorter exercise times and normally more fresh water.

5)    So why set a schedule for your dog? The sound reasons prove this is the way to a healthier, happier dog when both of you have a schedule to live by.

Do you have your dog on a schedule? Does it seem to work well for you and the dog? Please share with us below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Nikki M.

    Nikki M.


    My dog is so used to his schedule he reminds me if I forget! He knows when it’s playtime, walk time, and mealtime. And if I forgot to give him his 3:00pm Healthy Bones treat, you better believe he will let me know!

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