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Why you should use natural dog shampoos for your fur baby

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Are you bathing your dog with cheap doggy shampoos or worse, using human shampoo? If so you’re not doing your dog any favors, and actually are creating problems for the dog. The best products to use for bathing your dog are developed specifically for canines and their cleansing requirements, so natural dog shampoos are the top choice when giving Max his regular bath.

Natural dog shampoos

Natural dog shampoos and why you should use these instead of the common dog shampoos available at most stores is because they are far more healthy for your doggy. Have you ever noticed your dog constantly scratching after using a cheap shampoo? Many of us have witnessed this and the main reason is because we have bathed out dog using human shampoos or bargain basement dog shampoos. These shampoos are not formulated to meet the needs of not only cleansing the hair but also the skin of your dog. They dry out the skin to the point it becomes dry and itchy to the dog.

Try using quality natural dog shampoos and you will be amazed at the difference in the look, feel, color, and skin condition of your dog. These natural shampoos have a higher PH level so they do not dry out the dogs skin. The ingredients of natural dog shampoos are as the name suggests—natural. The non-natural dog shampoos have many ingredients in their formula not beneficial to your dog. These include sulfates and strong cleaning detergents not suited to use in dog shampoo. These compounds sting if rubbed into cuts, abrasions, or accidently rubbed into the dog’s eyes. Natural shampoos will not do these things, so you dog not only benefits from his bath but will not fear it.

Here’s a good home-made recipe from PetCareRx.com:

Shred 3-4 tablespoons of solid, unscented castile soap with a cheese grater. Or use 2-3 tablespoons of liquid unscented castile soap. Add 4 cups of hot water. Mix with a spoon or whisk until the soap solids are dissolved. Add 1 cup of white or apple cider vinegar. Pour ingredients into a bottle for storage. Shake well before each use.

A dog’s skin is more sensitive than human skin because of the coat of fur protecting the skin. The producers of natural organic dog shampoos know this, and use only organic, non-toxic, and natural formulas so your dog receives a great cleansing bath while retaining the oils on his or her skin. These natural oils are essential to preventing rashes, dandruff, flaking of the skin, and the resulting itchiness that so often happens when commercial canine shampoos with the soaps, and strong detergents are used.

Is your fur baby stinky and you’re in a hurry? Sprinkle about half a cup of baking soda on him (but NOT on the face) and rub it in well.

When bathing with one of the natural dog shampoos always start at the head and work back. Keep from rubbing or rinsing any of the shampoo in your dog’s ears, nose, and eyes. Allow to remain on the fur for a few minutes and then thoroughly rinse with clean water.

Have you tried natural dog shampoo for your doggy? Comments and tips are welcome below.

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  2. Much like the variety of shampoo that men and women use will vary from person-to-person, a similar relates to pets. Well, it is because pets have different skin types much like human skin sorts are different from one another.

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