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Why Your Dog Needs a Quality Bed

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Contrary to what many dog owners believe, investing in a quality dog bed is one of the top healthy things you can do for your beloved pooch. Yes, in the past these beds were only made for the upper crust of dog owners, but now there are a huge number of quality beds made specifically for large to small breeds at affordable prices. Dogs require a properly sized bed just as humans do. They can sleep on the cold, hard floor and wake up with aches and pains just like you would if you slept on the floor also. The current crop of dog beds prevents these issues, and provides the dog with his own private place for sleep. This promotes long term health and far fewer arthritic issues as the dog ages.

If you own a dog who suffers from anxiety problems when you are not at home, a quality dog bed is the perfect spot for him to go to reduce his stress levels. He is going to feel safe and secure in his own bed. This is a naturally normal instinct for dogs to seek out a place for rest where they feel safe and protected. The dog bed will be this spot in your home for the dog.

Many of the large breeds are prone to developing hip and joint problems along with arthritis as they grow past their prime years. A good dog bed is going to provide the correct level of comfort and support to relieve these normal aches and pains. Place the bed where the space is somewhat small so the dog feels secure as this promotes a more peaceful environment and a better sleep pattern. Avoid tossing the bed down where there is heavy traffic by the kids and adults in the family because this is going to keep the dog from resting soundly on his bed.

If your dog has been sleeping in a particular room or spot before you purchase the bed, and this is where he or she feels comfortable, this is the spot where you will want to place the bed. Provide a favorite soft blanket or two along with a few of his favorite toys.

Purchase a dog bed large enough for the dog to comfortable stretch out, and choose one with a removable cover for monthly washing.

Give you dog a quality dog bed to sleep on for a healthier and happy pooch.

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