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Why Your Dog Needs Her Own Bed

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There are several reasons why your dog needs her own bed. So many of us make the assumption that our pets should sleep in our beds with us and many of us have become accustomed to it. However, veterinarians and doctors don’t recommend it for many reasons. Research shows that you and your dog disrupt each other’s sleep during the night. Even small dogs can restrict the amount of physical space there is to move comfortably or can cause overheating.

Why Your Dog Needs Her Own Bed

I’ve watched my dog snuggle into her own personal dog bed and literally give a huge sigh when she gets into that perfect comfy spot and then drifts off to sleep. I can see how secure and content she feels there. Having a dog bed is very important for every dog because it provides warmth, comfort and security and support.

In the winter it can be drafty on the floor even with carpeting. You know how stiff and sore you can be after sleeping in a draft. By providing an appropriately sized, warm dog bed you are helping to prevent joint pain and stiffness for your pet.

Dogs can shed a lot in the places where they sleep so it is very convenient and to use a dog bed that comes with extra washable covers to help control shedding and dander. This excerpt from an article on HoundBound.com says to make sure you get the right size dog bed for your breed.

Any dog will feel more comfortable in his own bed as long as you put in the effort to find the right one. Dogs love to snuggle and it is important to find the right size that gives your dog enough room to move around a bit but also gives him the security of being in a closed area. When you are shopping around for dog beds you’ll have to imagine the area your dog covers when he is curled up in a sleeping position and get one that is slightly larger than that. This is the optimum size of bed that will give your dog as much comfort as possible.

Many small dogs are injured by having to jump down off of beds and couches. Providing a permanent dog bed will give dogs a safe place (on the floor) to rest and relax, and that lowers the risk of back and hip injuries. If the dog isn’t on the bed then she can’t injure herself  by jumping.

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors then of course she needs her own bed out there too. For outdoor pets, it is even more important to provide a good quality bed and of course  it must be water resistant and weather resistant and be placed in a protected area.

It could take a little research to find just the right dog bed.  but when you know why your dog needs her own bed and how important it is for her health and happiness, you’ll agree that it is worth the effort and the expense. The right dog bed might not be the least expensive one so be prepared to make this small investment for your sake and your dog.

Do you have any tips on dog beds? Please share below.

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  1. People worry that allowing your dog to sleep in your bed will create dominance issues and will teach your dog that you are not the leader of the pack.

  2. Avatar Of Ginger Baker

    Ginger Baker


    For clairfication. not lack of value of the companion animal, lack of value of leaving the companion outside.

  3. Avatar Of Ginger Baker

    Ginger Baker


    Only ignorant uncaring, insensitive, people call a companion animal an “outside” dog. This article is totally tainted by that part. Have NO respect 4 any1 who suggests it is acceptable to leave a companion animal outside and doesn’t, at the very least, point of the lack of value of an “outside” companion animal.

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