$1 Can Save Many Shelter Dogs!

Will You Save The Dogs of China?

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WARNING: The following post contains graphic material that isn’t suitable for young viewers. Please share with all of your adult friends. Together, we can make a difference in the world.

Hey, it’s Ralph.

Sometimes I make you laugh. Sometimes, I make you say, “Aaah.”

Today I’m going to make you cry.

Everyone has heard stories about President Obama eating dog as a little boy.

But the story and the pictures of what I’m going to share with you today are going to shock you.

Will You Save The Dogs of China?

Dogs In Cages Being Delivered For Dinner

In picture number one, you see dogs in cages on the back of a bicycle. No one is going to play with them. They are dinner.

In a few moments they will be painfully clubbed to death so their meat will be softer and the blood will be absorbed better in the meat.

Maybe that dog could have been my playmate. Maybe if we lived in China we’d be in the cage. But those dogs are about to be killed.

Their bodies will be hacked up and ground up and served in a stew. And people are so fond of eating dogs in China that once a year, there’s a major festival and guess what’s the main course.


Our brothers and sisters in China.

A Dog Awaits His Beating, Skinning, and Death

It doesn’t matter what breed. It doesn’t matter whether the dogs were good dogs or bad dogs. The only thing that matters is what’s for dinner.

In picture number two at the right, you see a dog in a cage surrounded by the bodies of other dogs already dead. In a few minutes, he will be clubbed to death. They will skin the fur of his body, and either grind up his body for a stew or barbecue him.

You would think someone in Congress would have said something to the Chinese? That we consider dogs our children not our dinner. To most of us, eating a dog – a member of the family – is considered cannibalism.

But no one says a word. After all, we need the Chinese to bail out our economy.

But you, my dear reader. Will You Help Save The Dogs of China?

What can you do?

I’d like you to meet Ambassador Zhang Yesui. He is the Ambassador of China to the United States.

His phone number is (202) 495-2266. Pick up your phone and tell whoever answers that you are disgusted by the article you saw in the DogingtonPost. You completely protest against the eating of dogs in China and you want the country to outlaw the practice.

Ambassador Zhang Yesui

If enough of us call, they’ll tell the Ambassador.

And if you tell your friends…and they tell their friends…the Ambassador will have to call back to China and tell him we don’t want China torturing and eating dogs.

Now, you may say. “Oh, I never protest things like this. No one listens to me.”

So I invite you to look in the eyes of the dog in this last picture.

And then decide to pick up the phone and call (202) 495-2266.

Cutedogchina3 E1430323658513
This Cute Little Dog Was Eaten Moments After Picture Was Taken.

Please, share this story with your friends on Facebook.

Please, tweet this story.

Send your Congressman this story. Tell him that you want his help to save the dogs of China.

Please, if you are disgusted, enter your comments below.

I love you for taking action.


(Pictures licensed from The Associated Press.)

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  1. Avatar Of Pet Leashes Pet Leashes says:

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  2. Avatar Of Eileen



    It’s the cruelty factor.. The most inhumane practices and treatment in the life and slaughtering of these creatures.. likely of all the creatures that are slaughtered or used for fur in China.. We practice anti cruelty in the US and work towards humane raising and slaughter of farm/ranch animals. Thanks to Temple Grandin and others like her, and the advocates for the fair and humane treatment of animals, regardless of the kind of animal, we uphold humane practices.. Now.. maybe am totally naive to the actual vs standards that are to be upheld in the US.. but again, it is the inhumane torture of these creatures.. that is so horrific.. the shear terror that they must go through in life and in dying.. That is the issue, the problem!!

    • Avatar Of Anna



      Hello Eileen
      Thank you for looking into this subject and being more aware of things than the average person. Unfortunately the humane way of things in USA is not as humane as you would think. Actually is so savage that new law forbids anyone filming what happens to the animals which are for consumption or our vanity in the fur industry. By filming anything you risk going to prison. Makes you wonder who is behind those laws. The TV sometimes band the commercials against cruelty for animals. In reality you have pigs whose ears are nailed to the walls for months so they can not move, piglets have their testicles, tails and teeth cut off with out any anesthetic. Turkey farms have been filmed with workers kicking, sitting, throwing the birds. They rip their legs or wings off for fun. As a student I have worked in a meat packing house we had some workers from the slaughter house come in. One guy was very proud to tell us how when the pig doesn’t want to go to die he likes to stab it in the eye with his knife or how they electrocute them in the ass on nose of eye. In Canada recently someone filmed dairy cows. The men beat them, hung them with chains, kicked them in the face when they fell. Humans are heartless beasts. You should also know that USA buys 60% of Chinas dog and cat fur. These animals are skinned alive so everyone in the States can have a bit of fur on their jacket or on their gloves or other useless thing like that. If you want to change anything, talk to your friends, tell them how it is, ask them to buy less meat and not to buy fur and fur trim. By staying silent you participate in the cruelty. Hope you understand and you don’t take this letter in anyway as an attack on your comment. Anna

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  6. Avatar Of Mary



    Stop the cat dog killing in china

  7. Avatar Of Anthony



    SMH at this ignorance.

    Folks, I don’t like the fact that they eat our pets either but, could we PLEASE kill the self-righteousness?!

    Grow up, we Americans eat chickens and cows. Both of which are considered pets and even sacred in certain countries like India. Too bad they taste so good right?

    We are no better than the Chinese or anyone else.

    Let’s be thankful for our freedoms, enjoy our dogs and keep them away from buffets and airports.

  8. Avatar Of John



    We are more humane because we don’t eat dog. It’s a good thing we don’t eat babies, we just abort them and through them in the trash and that seems to be okay.

  9. Avatar Of Cheryl



    That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. And why? Being herded up from the streets, being stolen from owners unknowingly. The Chinese are brilliant, as disgusting as the act is what’s more disgusting is that they’re feeding they’re own kind dog meat that’s contaminated with all kinds of diseases wouldn’t you think? Dog’s carry everything. And by the looks of the facility I’m not so sure that they really care. Way to go China.

  10. Avatar Of Ddcunana



    uh if you aren’t living a totally meatless lifestyle then don’t leave a hypocritical comment…..
    if you aren’t against cruelty against all life then don’t be an emotional dumb dumb.
    don’t leave an ignorant uninformed comment for us all to read. as it’s been noted….our meat sources in the US are equally abused.
    so what are YOU gonna do?
    and really who can be so incredibly ignorant as to suggest violence against humans as a solution.
    seriously ???
    either you are against violence and abuse or you aren’t you can’t kinda just straddle the fence on that.

  11. Avatar Of Parker Starr

    Parker Starr


    they don’t deserve this!!! this should be a law all over the world to eat pets of any kind!!!

  12. Avatar Of Jeff



    I see no difference in the value of the life of a cute dog and a steer or any other animal. It seems that people run to judgment when it comes to killing what in our culture is considered to be a precious animal.

    They’re all precious.

    • Avatar Of Kevin



      Kudos to the person who got this info out of China and to our awareness so we can take action to stop this horror!!
      Here in the US you can be arrested for exposing this type of cruelty that goes on in factory farms.
      Howard Lyman “The Mad Cowboy” has said that the “New Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act” (part of the larger Patriot Act) made anyone who claims animal products are inhumane or not healthy a terrorist. I believe he said his daughter actually found his name on a terrorist list in DC. Lyman said when he and Oprah were sued by the Texas Cattlemen’s Association in 1998, they used a state law prohibiting speaking negativity about meat (loss of $$$) to bring the lawsuit. Although Oprah & Lyman won the case, the cattlemen lobbied for the state law to be codified in the Patriot Act.
      With these laws in the US I wonder if China will even here our outrage.

  13. Avatar Of Araya



    So its mean to do this to Dogs but not to Cows and sheep? if your gonna support this kind of thing go vegetarian. EVERYTHING HAS A RIGHT TO LIFE. Yet WE, the HUMAN RACE actually cultivate these creatures and eat them. Support this if you like. Remember however that by doing so, the next bite out of a burger, chicken or even fish that you eat will make you a hypocrite. I will be supporting this because I DON’T EAT MEAT. But hey, that’s just me.

  14. Avatar Of Anthony



    What makes it so revolting is the fact that the Asian culture believes the dogs and cats have to be tortured for up to an hour or more to make the meat more tender and release chemicals into it that will make a man more virile when he eats it. This torture takes the form of first shoving a jagged tin can over the muzzle of the dog ripping into the sensitive skin around the face, then pulling the front legs out to the side and over the back until they come out of the sockets and even break and tying them together. The dog is then hung from the neck with its hind feet just touching the ground so it is in agony but still alive. It’s skin is then burned with a propane touch, it’s genitals may be slowly crushed, the dog is continually beaten with sticks and straps and then finally after the dog revives, it is very slowly lowered into a large cauldron of boiling water, feeling every agonizing moment of pain or it is skinned alive, which by the way is what they do in the fur trade with the dog and cat fur they ship to this country and is cleverly sold off as fur from other species such as fox or rabbit.
    Does then sound normal to you. It would be bad enough if they just killed the animal outright. You have to understand that they don’t eat dogs and cats because they’re starving, in fact dog and cat meat is expensive and considered a delicacy. The supermarkets have beef, pork and chicken available just like here at reasonable prices, dog and cat meat is in the specialty section at very high prices.
    I have written countless letters to the ambassadors of Korea and China for the last 30 years which have fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes. Even when they hosted the Olympics several years ago, they just pushed the dog and cat butchers to the back allies until the Olympics was over, then it was business as usual. Change doesn’t come quickly. in fact sometimes it doesn’t come at all.

    • Avatar Of Eileen



      Thank you for your most powerful comments/post.. I appreciate everything you have said.. The cruelty and inhumanity in which this happens is horrific! Bless these creatures.. I wish there was something I could do… more than anything I wish there was something we could do to stop the torture.. Thank You, Namaste

  15. Avatar Of Lyn Lyn says:

    Indians would be appalled at the gruesome way Americans murder their sacred beast, the cow, strip off its hide, and make it into steaks and burgers and stew. In fact, I think I might have seen pictures of this on the Cowington Post.

    Every culture has some animal they love and hold in high esteem, that in another culture is just grist for the meat grinder.

    But what is more appalling and should be a bigger priority for the US public than the fate of animals is the slaughter of our fellow human beings. How the US Govt spends a large portion of taxpayer money on weapons sent overseas to rip and burn the flesh and limbs off innocent brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and children in places like Afganistan and Iraq, and at the same time, sends our own young men to foreign lands to do evil in the name of democracy, to come back home with arms blown off, legs blown off, physically and psychologically disfigured, if not in a box wrapped in an American flag.

  16. Avatar Of Bill Bill says:

    But if i’m not mistaken there is a silly and somewhat unsubstantiated rumour goin’ round that an undisclosed number of people in China (and various Asian countries) actually have pet dogs. And even cats.


    And even more outrageous is that i almost believe this nonsense since i personally know some people here in town from those places that love them as much as anyone can. I said almost. But the way i’ve dealt with this so far is to tell myself that they must be some kind of dog loving refugees. As if people in china (or any other country) would ever even think of eating their pet. But based on the evidence you can see the confusion here.

    And another thing. These people even had the nerve to tell me that only certain types of dogs are raised for food or medicine. (Just like livestock. OH MY GOD.)

    They also said that this practice of eating dog flesh is mostly medicinal and is specific for epileptic seizure conditions and asthma when mixed with certain herbs. (I wonder if Dr Weil knows about this.)

    Alternative medicine anyone?

    Anyway even though i’m still not 100% convinced, what i will say is that for the time being all this new info has succeeded in putting one of my worst recurring nightmares to rest.

    Call me crazy but this leads me to believe that there really might not be any puppy BBQ competitions going on. (Whew!!).

    I also heard that this practice of raising canine for this purpose has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. (But if it’s only hundreds then the jury is still out as far as i’m concerned. Soylent-green not needed?) In any case it seems this morally questionable practice has been going on long before it became fashionable to have dogs as pets.

    Now i have to sidebar a little here to tell you about my friends two dachsunds, one longhair and one shorthair. Now normally i wouldn’t admit to this association due to irreconcilable dispositions but seeing how this is all anonymous and such i’m startin to feel safe. For the moment.

    Anyway I asked my friend’s LH Dachsund about this. She said that her “great great granpappy used to be employed on a farm. Seems there were lots of badgers around”. Back then mostly all her relatives seemed to be employed to keep the other farm residents out of harms way. Certainly sounds like a noble history if you ask me. And earning their “science diet” everyday so to speak. But then again i’m not so sure about this because it seems so many sources take license rewriting history these days.

    But what i absolutely do know is that I’ve a friend living nearby who has some pot belly pigs living in her house. Now stay with me here because i’ve actually met them. Her name is Jane but i will keep the porcine names confidential at this point. Even though I have it on good authority that they didn’t just show up there one day as refugees from the Triumph Food “meat processing factory” in St Joseph Missouri. But of course nobody can be sure since Jane is not advertising. (Oh and BTW i know people who work at that plant. There they allegedly disembowel about 25,000 of their relatives per day. Oh those poor poor bravehearts.). Anyway as i was sayin I’ve met them and they had great manners and were very affectionate (Janes pets that is). Even asked to be excused when retiring to their rooms after lunch. So meeting them made me wonder a bit. After all it has been said that pigs might be as smart as dogs. But of course i don’t take this seriously though. Who would? Especially because Jane is not petitioning congress to prevent the slaughter of any bacon bearing quadrupeds. What is the world coming to anyway?

    Anyway, needless to say I was really impressed by those three piggies. And inevitably the thought did cross my mind wondering specifically why pork-anti-abuse advocates haven’t started picketing that plant carrying signs like “freedom of choice for pork loins”. I know that’s a bit over the top. But maybe we could start with voluntary euthanasia as a first step towards ham hock amnesty. Maybe some day we can all read about it in the Porkington Post.

    But i digress.

    Now Ralph you should really come clean with that caption of yours. Little cute pet dogs like that are not eaten. I’m really surprised the Dogington Post would stoop to such tactics. Now i’m not suggesting that a cute little pet dog would not be edible or even not be worthy of Asthma-herb-dujour. Not so. But think about it. All that work for a mouthful? Really, the authority of the Dogington Post seems to be ever so slightly warm-puppy-nose nudged a bit. Hmmmm.

    Now i know a lot of people will rail against this commentary calling it insensitive but please believe me when i say I’m no Obama-supporting-dogtaster. In fact, (and don’t tell Jane this) but the ewe, the kids and i just had bacon this Sunday morning with my eggs. So i repeat please don’t mention this to Jane. And Oh those poor hens. Having their embryos harvested in the sleepy dawn just for my Sunday breakfast. But you can be sure I am never going to show my plate to our pet Bantam rooster. After we want only fertilized embryos. By the way, this particular rooster voted yes on the local biotech referendum supporting human embryonic stem cell research. Go figure.

    Your horns behind the pen,
    Billy Gotes

    PS: And please don’t repeat any of this to your kids. I know i won’t. Baaa-eh-eh

  17. Avatar Of Bruce



    As sick, and sad, as it may be they would be just as happy to eat YOU. This is something you may want to consider when your at the ballot box pulling the lever for some one that wants to take away our guns, destroy our military, control virtually every aspect of our life and apologize for this great nation in which our freedoms and way of life are such, that we would never consider (at least the vast majority of us) eating dogs….

    • Avatar Of Steve



      Put down the paranoia pipe…step away and take a quick nap. These assertions are pure myth. Worse, they are a direct result of pure propaganda. Guess it works.

      No one is advocating any of this particularly not either one of the candidates.

      I am disappointed that the GOP couldn’t put up a better nominee. This should have been relatively easy and instead they send us one of the least genuine, least honest, most politically calculating nominees in modern history. Too bad…Mitt just isn’t the right guy. Maybe in four years.

  18. Avatar Of Kevin



    Yes this is very sickening and should be stopped!
    What most of you don’t know is that the animals slaughtered in factory farms in the US go through horrific treatment as well.
    Just because they aren’t categorized as pets (one person used the term “table food”)we turn a blind eye to them.
    These are animals as smart and as loving as our pets.
    Although your hearts are in the right place I find most of you hypocrites.
    If you eat meat and animal products you are supporting a system that treats animals in a similar manner as those dogs in China.
    Look it up and research it before you respond…..it will sicken you as much as China’s treatment of the dogs which is horrific.

  19. Avatar Of Steve



    I’m not sure if this is still accurate but when I was attending college I discovered that there were more countries that ate dog than ate eggs. I agree with many of the posts here defending China’s culture. For those who might eat a hamburger, hot dog, bratwurst, chicken or perhaps Turkey on thanksgiving, tell me how – other than your love of dogs – this is so wildly different than what we do to animals every day?

    • Avatar Of Eileen



      It’s the cruelty factor.. The most inhumane practices and treatment in the life and slaughtering of these creatures.. likely of all the creatures that are slaughtered or used for fur in China.. We practice anti cruelty in the US and work towards humane raising and slaughter of farm/ranch animals. Thanks to Temple Grandin and others like her, and the advocates for the fair and humane treatment of animals, regardless of the kind of animal, we uphold humane practices.. Now.. maybe am totally naive to the actual vs standards that are to be upheld in the US.. but again, it is the inhumane torture of these creatures.. that is so horrific.. the shear terror that they must go through in life and in dying.. That is the issue, the problem!!

  20. Avatar Of Dillon



    That’s just not right…

  21. Avatar Of Lisa Murray

    Lisa Murray


    This is absolutely sickening. I do not see why the US does not do anything!!!

    • Avatar Of Any



      What would you want the US to do ?
      Start the war like in Afganistan, Iraq…(or so, there’s many more to list here)? Kill people in order to make ‘order made by US’ ?
      Kill people in order to stop them eating dogs ?
      What if Chine would do the same in order to stop US from eating other animals ? What’s the difference at the end ? If you are eating meat, you don’t do any different than Chine people.
      Read comments on the page, e.g.:
      “the animals slaughtered in factory farms in the US go through horrific treatment as well.”
      But not only in the US of course. And not only slaughtered animals. Chickens live horrific life for years in so small cages that they can’t make a step, can’t move a millimeter from the place they was placed to.
      They are supposed to stay there with no moves and produce eggs.
      How’s about that? I could not buy any egg anymore coming from those eggs’ farm after watching the video on such horrible treatment.
      If we should raise our voice against Chine eating dogs, than let’s be honest and let’s raise our voice against all cruelty.

  22. Avatar Of Weezy



    I personally have boycOtted ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING made in or imported from China…which includes everything in Walmart, since the poisoned pet food debacle.

  23. Avatar Of Vivienne Wreford

    Vivienne Wreford


    I am an animal lover and this makes me sick to even think about, but if everyone says ther is nothing anyone can do then nothing will be done. Stop buying ANYTHING that is made in China especially frozen meat, you don’t know what you are eating. If it doesn’t say MADE in Canada or America then DON’T BUY IT……PLEASE

  24. For China to be thought of as Intelligent People for the Things they Make – Their Barbaric treatment of DOGS is Sickining – What is Wrong with YOU People – Dogs are Domestic Pets not Table Food – I Pray God PUNISHES You All for Eating Dogs & Cats – The Cruelty you bestow upon them to Kill them is UNHUMAN – Do you people Not Have any Sense that Animals HAVE FEELINGS ??? I will Pray that God leads someone to Teach & Show You people In China how utterly Awful & Disgraceful doing this to Dogs Makes your Race & Country Look to other Countries of the World !!!

  25. Avatar Of Brenda Malek

    Brenda Malek


    Theses are some sick SOB’s for using dogs and cats for food. What is wrong with these people. I can’t stand to eat Chinese food even here in the USA because I am afraid they may be importing the meat to the resturaunts. I am sick over this. Please make this STOP!

  26. I don’t understand how anyone could hurt any animal like these Chinese people do. My 3 dachshunds are my kids. I am a life time lover of dogs. I find this article sickening and horrific.

  27. Avatar Of K Johnson

    K Johnson


    I HATE to see this kind of stuff happen to dogs because they have so much personality and loyalty. HOWEVER, you have to put things in perspective. To them the way we cherish dogs is the same way they cherish cows. They can’t imagine anyone killing a cow and the slaughterhouses in America have proven to kill these animals in inhumane ways. It’s all unfortunate, the only way to stop this is to become a vegan or vegetarian.

  28. Avatar Of Chris



    This just made me so physically ill that I almost had to leave my desk! I know there are cultures out there that eat dog, but always thought they were more humane in how they killed them! And that is a culture known for intelligence! Barbarians all of them. The thought of eating a dog and then to kill them by beating. Those sweet eyes on the one supposedly eaten just after the picture and a table just full of bodies. Sick people, eat vegetables!

  29. Avatar Of Tina



    This is not right .How would they feel if we ndo it to them

  30. Avatar Of Elizabeth



    As Americans we do the same thing to cows and horses, slaughter houses don’t coax the cows, pigs, chickens or horses in with sweet words or a gentle nudge!

  31. Avatar Of Julie Klein

    julie klein


    I am just livid what the hell is wrong with these sick ass people they all should be clubbed to death son of a bitches.Let’s go everyone let’s show them what we proud americans can do.

  32. Avatar Of Judy Weesner judy weesner says:

    this is the sickus thing i ever seen i have a dog but i would never think about eating her thats sick

  33. Avatar Of Ralph Ralph says:

    Thank you for your comments.

    It’s hard for me to look at the pictures too.

  34. Avatar Of Karen Walker

    Karen Walker



  35. Avatar Of Evelyn Buchardt

    Evelyn Buchardt


    Or contact him at… the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States
    Address:3505, International Place, N.W., Washington D.C. 20008, U.S.A.
    Website: china-embassy.org/ 
    E-mail:[email protected]
    Tel:001-202-4952266 Fax:001-202-4952138

  36. Avatar Of Margaret



    this is awfull this is un human=main that is so no words 2 say how i feel

  37. Avatar Of Lisa Bordelon

    Lisa Bordelon


    I am so sickens by this!!!

  38. Avatar Of Kathy



    These are things with no heart and no soul. I can’t imaging looking in a dog’s eye’s and then beating him to death. The sounds alone would destroy me. I just wish it was all a bad dream. I will sign and share anything you want me to to end this terror.

  39. Avatar Of Jennifer Goodwin

    Jennifer Goodwin


    This is a complete outrage!!!!!

  40. God help us all…never in my life would I have ever known how horrible people really are!!! SICK PEOPLE

  41. Avatar Of Robin Kabrich

    Robin Kabrich


    As horrible as this is, this is a part of the Chinese and some other Asian cultures. They are not us – they have different values and different perspectives on life. I am horrified that the dogs are beaten to death – that is just brutal. I certainly don’t defend the practice of eating dogs, but the whole world does not live by our values and mores. We are still trying to get China to treat their humans with dignity and humanely. I applaud your efforts to speak out about this brutality – but I caution you that no matter how much noise we make, the practice will continue. Ugh.

    • Avatar Of Stephanie



      Thank you. I didn’t know how to say it. We cannot judge other cultures practices against our own. Dogs have always been a food source. Only in richer countries have they become valued members of our families. Richer meaning standard of living is high for majority of population.

      It is a horrible way to kill. The US meat industry is guilty of atrocities against animals, too.

  42. Avatar Of Kelly



    That’s horrific

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