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Ask the Trainer: With Dogs, What You Allow Is What Will Continue

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The Dog Ate My Homework!!!
The Dog Ate My Homework!!!

“My dog ignores me when I tell him to Come, what can I do?” – Sue

“Max barks at everything, I don’t know why. Help!” – Mark

“I have a brand new puppy and she is going to the bathroom all over the house.  Why doesn’t she just go outside?” – Helen

Despite the variability amongst the countless “Ask the Trainer” inquiries I receive, there is a common denominator with many of them…what you allow, is what will continue.

Too often we think the answers to our questions need to by some mystical and complex solution.  When in reality, the fundamentals will solve most of our dilemmas. Simply preventing certain behaviors for even occurring, providing direct supervision so you can intervene when unacceptable behaviors occur, and being proactive in teaching correct choices/behaviors – will go a long way in solving many issues.  Those are just three overlooked fundamentals; which if consistently implemented, will help owners and provide clarity for their dogs.

So how do you no longer allow certain behaviors from occurring?

– If your dog does not “Come” when called, don’t allow it.  Teach them to reliably come when called.

– Puppies that have housebreaking accidents should not be corrected.  Instead, use a sound housebreaking protocol that does not allow for accidents.  

– It’s common for dogs to get very attached and pushy for attention or affection.  If your dog falls in this category, learn about Sharing Affection and Attention with Your Dog.

– Many owners are unsure as to what they should do to provide clarity in the home.  Here are several simple Guidelines for Dog Owners.

So when in doubt, ask yourself: “Am I allowing this behavior to occur?”  If the answer is yes, then utilize a proactive solution that will prevent it from occurring.  From there, teach your dog what a more suitable option is…allowing that to occur instead.

Professional dog trainer Steve Reid, specializes in training family dogs in Westchester and Putnam NY.  To learn more about S.R. Dog Training, please visit www.srdogtraining.com. Become a fan of Steve on Facebook at: www.Facebook.com/SRDogTraining.

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