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Woman Arrested After Bragging About Killing a Dog on Facebook

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Adrienne Martin, 35, of St. Louis was arrested and later confessed to torturing a dog, after incriminating herself on Facebook. This was her public Facebook profile image.

A St. Louis woman is behind bars and facing felony charges of Animal Cruelty and Knowingly Burning after bragging about the incident on Facebook.

Earlier this month, a dog owner found her 3-year old Shepherd/Terrier mix dying behind her home and called police. The dog was tethered to a dog house behind her home in St. Louis and had been doused with an accelerant, like gasoline or lighter fluid, and set on fire. The poor dog’s face and buddy suffered severe burns too devastating for us to show in pictures.

Rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, who nicknamed the dog “Brownie,” did everything they could to save him, but he died of organ failure just two days after being found.

The St. Louis Animal Cruelty Task Force began investigating the abuse, but were unsure of who was responsible for the heinous acts of cruelty. They posted flyers and called residents to step forward with information, even offering a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

However, when Adrienne Martin, 35, was found bragging about the incident on Facebook, her involvement became quite clear.


On July 9th, one day before the dog was found, Martin posted this incriminating status to her Facebook wall:


The following day, while Brownie was being rushed to emergency care, Martin posted another shocking status update:


And, 4 days later, while rescuers were desperately searching for the monster that ultimately murdered an innocent dog, Martin posted again to her Facebook wall:
Martin was arrested, thanks in large part to her Facebook confessions. St. Louis Metro Police discovered that the dog belonged to her sister-in-law, and that he had recently bitten her son, resulting in a trip to the hospital.

Martin initially denied any involvement. The dog owner, her sister-in-law, even provided an alibi. Martin later confessed.

“Today some justice has been served,” Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim told Fox 2 News. “It`s not going to bring him back and I wish that he got to experience the love here at Stray Rescue, but at least finally someone was arrested.”

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  1. Avatar Of Sheri Schongold

    Sheri Schongold


    This is not a person. This is a fiend who should be burned as she did the dog and then rot in h**l. I am sure the dog bit her son, if he actually did, because of the treatment given to the dog. I don’t think she does drugs, I think she is inheriantly evil.

    RIP Brownie, you are now in a place of only love and kindness (and a little dog fun).

  2. Avatar Of Rianne Hodgman

    Rianne Hodgman


    just publish her address and see what happens ……….

  3. Avatar Of Jan



    WOW….I am a Christian, and an animal lover. As much as it sickens me and makes me so angry I could still never do that even to the obviously sick and demented person who did this to an animal. I have fostered cats for a rescue in my area and also have quite a few cats and a dog from rescues, I would be destroyed if something like this would happen.

    Having said that….as a Christian I do believe God put animals on earth for us to love and enjoy but they are not a human life. And yes there is a difference. I also know that no matter how our Government chooses to punish her the ultimate punishment will be from God…..imagine trying to explain why you did such a terrible thing with all mankind watching you…….

  4. Avatar Of Sonia



    This woman is a menace to society. I just read about this, it is an outrage that
    sickens me and make my heart hurt for that poor dog. My mind can’t comprehend
    the vicious nature that would compel such an evil, deliberate action. I can
    almost hear the howls of pain that must have come as the fire burned…omg! That is why this woman needs to be locked up for her cruelty. What she did also was a shock to her community and unfortunately, for some impressionable youth or others and may have given rise to future abusers.
    My hope is that this horrible woman will find her prison mates to be animal lovers, who’ll “never allow” her to forget what it is like to live with cruelty.

  5. Avatar Of Lynne



    this woman obviously has problems. She needs to be processed through the criinal justice system and hopefully tossed in jail.
    I am saddened and disheartened by some of your comments. Tie her to the doghouse and light her on fire ??? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. What is wrong with all of you ???
    what to do something ? Find her house, stay on the sidewalk and protest. Let everyone know what kind of person lives there. Show up at her court date and make sure the judge includes never have another animal clause.

  6. Avatar Of Brenda Murray

    brenda murray


    From what I have read, ‘people’ who viciously harm animals have gone on to be vicious criminals; therefore, she should be locked up forever. That is for the sake of public safety.

  7. Avatar Of Melanie



    i agree that she should be tied to a doghouse & burned & tortured like she did to that poor innocent dog. I’d love to do it myself. she is truly a sick bitch, a poor excuse for a human being. i’d love to know how this case turned out because although she definitely deserves a very long time in jail she will unfortunately do little or no jail time thanks to the fact that animal laws that are supposed to protect animals are just not taken seriously. I often hear of cases where some sick fuck does horrendous things to an animal & they end up with probation. what a fucken joke.

  8. Avatar Of Jon Anthony

    Jon Anthony


    This soul-less yeasty harpy should be dragged behind a Ford F-150 until her giant whalehead is all that remains.

  9. Avatar Of Pat Pat says:

    This woman is the very definition of evil. I don’t agree with the many comments about doing the same thing to her, although I can easily see why so many people wish that on her. The fact that she was stupid enough to post what she did on Facebook for all the world to see tells us a lot about her IQ. I have a feeling the backlash she will receive for her disgraceful treatment of that sweet defenseless dog will probably last her a lifetime. It may be the only appropriate justice this dog will get. God rest his furry little soul. No more pain for Brownie.

  10. Avatar Of Sherrie Hunt

    Sherrie Hunt



  11. Avatar Of Jb JB says:

    I just wonder what drugs she and her family are on. No one with an ounce of humanity would do this. To light a living breathing animal on fire is definately against humanity itself. This so called human doesnt have the right to breath the air we do. She should go to hell and burn and I hope there is a special place for her there! Those who think it would be cruel to do the same thing to her… well you also need help. Thats why our society is in such bad shape, we as humans are unwilling to make those who commit crime against the living pay the price for the pain they cause innocent victims….

  12. Avatar Of Whoa There

    whoa there


    alright people… First, a short disclaimer: this woman is sick and i am in no way defending her.

    Howeverrrrr saying that she needs to be tied up to a dog house and burned alive is taking it a little overboard. at what point is it ok to set ANY living thing on fire? Way to stoop to her level. Jail exists for a reason, people… there’s no need to bust out the angry villagers.

  13. Avatar Of Nancy Boop Nancy Boop says:

    Do to her the exact same thing she did to that poor innocent baby dog. She is the scum of the earth! Burn her in HELL! Crazy sick FUCK. I hope she rots little by little painfully too. SICK-DERANGED-IGNORANT-BITCH-SICKCO-MOTHER FUCKER.

  14. Avatar Of Betty Boop

    betty boop


    come on its a dog-the woman should be punished but burning her? she is sick but u folks sound as bad

    • Avatar Of Tammy Simons

      Tammy Simons


      Betty Boop, you obviously are not an animal lover! This woman should get the same treatment she gave the dog! Set her on fire and leave her to suffer for days with no help! If you have ever loved an animal you would feel the same way as the rest of us!!

  15. Avatar Of Barbara



    What is in the heart of man that makes so much cruelty to animals? Why would anyone inflict so much pain on an innocent animal? People who do this must have some mental issues. When children do this it’s said it leads to killing humans when they get older. That’s why I like animals more than people. I hope this woman pays dearly for what she did!

    • Avatar Of Linda Davis

      Linda Davis


      Jeremiah 17:9
      “The heart is deceitful above all things,And desperately wicked;Who can know it?

      Mark 7:21-28
      21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,
      22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:
      23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

      We have become an unholy, wicked, evil society. We have forced God out of our consciousness. This is the result. This is horrific, but not more horrific then torturing babies in the womb or abusing and murdering innocent children to satisfy sexual perversions. We are well on our way to hell and it is only going to continue to get worse.

      2Timothy 3:3-7
      3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
      2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
      3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
      4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
      5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
      6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
      7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

      If the above doesn’t sound exactly like what is happening in our world today, then we are truly blinded by the evil that is all around us. God help us, he’s the only one who can.

  16. Avatar Of Dorothy



    Thanks for not posting the photo of the poor dog. They should have put it out of its misery immediately. Burns are agonizingly painful.

  17. Avatar Of Gail Gail says:

    I agree the comments here are harsh, but I think that people are outraged about what this monster did to that poor animal and then BRAGGED about it. I applaud them for their empathy and passion for animal welfare. If she was here before us now, what would we do, y’all!!??? BURN THAT BITCH!

  18. Avatar Of Tana Anonymous

    Tana Anonymous


    I realize that her actions were barbaric and horrific, but the comments on here are no less horrific to me, to be honest. Get down on her level, folks.

    • Avatar Of Joycelgr



      No one can get down to the level of someone who sets an animal on fire but the devil himself….But she is a piece of trash that needs to feel the pain that the poor dog did….

  19. Avatar Of Margie



    Oh that Poor Dog! I can only imagine the pain he was in!! I say chain her to his dog house and set the bitch on fire, THEN she will know what agonizing pain the poor dog went thru!! Then throw her in jail and forget about her! Crazy ass people any more I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY!! Why would someone would do this and brag about it!

  20. Avatar Of Joe



    sick just sick…..i love my dog with all my heart like if he were me…this makes me ill

  21. Avatar Of Missy Muilenburg

    Missy Muilenburg


    This fucking bitch makes me sick. Let her rot in jail. RIP doggy.

  22. Avatar Of Mary Ward-Eaton

    Mary Ward-Eaton



  23. Avatar Of Mary Ward-Eaton

    Mary Ward-Eaton


    Will you keep us posted as to her sentencing? I think NO passed a good law about animal cruelty and then the voters, for some crazy reason, repealed it. People like this women are a perfect example of the need for barber laws for animal cruelty. It hurts my heart to think of what that dog went through. And animal bites come from lack of training and often with children, the child doesn’t’t know how to treat a dog. This is so sad. I would love to write the judge assigned to her case if I had that knowledge.

  24. Avatar Of Wendy wendy says:

    sorry excuse for a human….Glad she bragged cuz it was her undoing…Felony charges..lol good she derserves exactly what the dog got…Piece of shit…

  25. Avatar Of Rebecca Russell

    Rebecca Russell


    I can’t handle the thought of the pain that poor dog went through!! Why in the hell don’t they treat it like an homicide cause it is!!! Murder in the 1st degree.
    What the hell is wrong with our laws??? If we would make these sick idoits responible for the pain and horror they inflick on these uncondional loving animals that only usally bite from being mistreated. It the laws fault for letting this go on she should have life in prision!!!

  26. Avatar Of Kitty



    I hope this bitch gets a serious beat down in jail. There is something VERY wrong with anyone who does this, let alone BRAGS about it. WTF is wrong with people????

  27. Avatar Of Charlene



    She should be charged with first degree murder in a death penalty state!

  28. Avatar Of Pam



    The laws need to change she is more than likely out walking around right now.

  29. Avatar Of Mary



    They need to set the bitch on fire and watch her burn and cry out in pain just like that poor dog was.

    • Avatar Of Juliann Valencia

      Juliann Valencia


      I agree and I would like to be the one who strikes the match. She is a stupid stupid bitch and doesn’t deserve to breath. I hope she gets her ass beat the fuck down in jail.

      • Avatar Of Nikki Sick To My Stomache

        nikki sick to my stomache


        I agree with both of you all!!!! She makes me sick! But, goes to show you, FB is good for more than just games!

        • Avatar Of Wendy wendy says:

          I agree with every one else’s comments…Set that bitch on fire and see how she likes it…and tie her up to a dog house and leave her to suffer…Sorry ass coward bitch! God will ask you why….What excuse you going to have…Sorry excuse for a human!

        • Avatar Of Rebecca Russell

          Rebecca Russell


          If someone would do something it would be!

    • Avatar Of Bill



      Look at that cunt’s face, look deep, she looks like a sick-minded person with no concern for any kind of life. I’d love nothing more than to see her set on fire, put that fire out, cut her, pour salt in the cuts, then set her on fire again and laugh at her while she burns !! What a sick fuckin’ bitch. Get her tubes tied so she doesn’t reproduce any sick fucks like herself !!!!!

      • Avatar Of Ruby Ruby says:

        You are a filthy mouth, idiot. I hate what she did to the dog. I love animals of all kinds. That does not mean, she should be set on fire. She should have to stay in jail for life. In the Bible,it says:”leave revenge in God’s hands.(2 Thessalonians 1:6-7). There are many more scriptures, stating this. It also says to pray for those who do wrong. This is where your heart,should be. It is very hard to do this.It is a challenge.Most people can’t take this challenge. Please try remember= she will be punished. Take care.

        • Avatar Of Yvonne Kaye yvonne kaye says:

          One of my mentors is Mahatma Gandhi. He wrote………the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that the more helplless a creature is the more entitled it is to be protected by man and the cruelty of man (make that humans). This isn’t a ‘turn the other cheek’ situation. This is an eye for an eye. No question. I too think some of the remarks were over the top but the thought of what that sweet animal went through, brings up the bile. I just hope the Judge will take this seriously.

        • Avatar Of Brian



          Romans 13:1-5 also says that the government is in place to punish those that do wrong, and that authority is given to the government by God. As individuals, yes we should not seek revenge on a personal level, but on a government level – yes she should be punished by the government for her actions.

          Many people want punishments that fit the crimes that have been committed. If we ever end up passing laws that allow that, then the government is tasked to carry out those punishments. I doubt it would ever happen with all the human rights activist’s and those that cry that it is cruel and unusual punishment (but the criminal didn’t think it was too cruel for the victim). I bet it would drastically decrease violent crimes though if we did do something like that.

        • Avatar Of Kimber



          Ruby why don’t you fuck off with your preaching. Hardly anyone believes in God anymore , as if you had not noticed. This evil bitch deserves nothing less than being slowly tortured and burned alive. Would do it myself gladly if i didn’t love my freedom oh so much. Also, it has been my experience repeatedly that religious (pathetic jesus freaks) love to preach right and wrong and are themselves committing unreal acts of pure evil. So Ruby please kiss my ass. 🙂

          • Avatar Of Lyn



            I highly believe in God and I TOTALLY believe that this degenerate scumbag B***H deserves EVERYTHING that is spoken of here. YES!!! she should be set on fire the same way she did that poor innocent creature. God did not put his animals here for CRAP like her to abuse and torture. YES!, I could throw some of what ever she threw on that dog and sit there and smoke me a cigarette (and I don’t even smoke!, I hate cigarettes!!!) and watch her burn. AND would ask her how does it feel and PLEASE don’t yell so loud. Can’t you burn a little quieter? The neighbors might hear you!
            And before someone says anything about me YES!!!, I am a TRUE Christian who believes in Jesus!!! But I DO have Human Frailties, (Sorry).

    • Avatar Of Susan Ccody

      susan ccody


      These people are psychopaths! She needs to be set on fire! IGNORANT SCUMBAG!

      • Avatar Of Ch



        Cunt? I may despise this woman, but you too have issues.

        • Avatar Of Heather



          … i’d say she deserved to be called a cunt.

          Set the bitch on fire! pretty sure i’ve been blocked from her FB page.

        • Avatar Of Has Issues

          Has Issues


          This hideous, troll-faced trash bag definitely earned every name that people here have called her. Authorities should be sure to tie her tubes. Preferably around her throat, before kicking her in the kidneys, dousing her in butane and flicking a Bic.

    • Avatar Of Yvonne Kaye yvonne kaye says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I belong to the Animal Defense League and they sent out a questionnaire – just two questions. Did I believe abusers should be fined. Did I believe they should go the prison. I replied NO to both. They should go through what they did to the animals. They won’t learn. That’s one sick, vile woman and I hope the Judge never lets her own any animal again. Also she should have community service working in shelters (good ones) and cleaning up the muck in stables or some such. I get so frustrated with these disgusting people. What really gets my mad up is when someone is upset with a person, they call them a beast or an animal. How insulting to animals. I am a forgiving person except when it comes to abuse of the innocent, any living creature. Ugh! I’d like a chat with tthis THING – just her and me in a room together.

      • Avatar Of Brian



        I don’t think you really want people that have no regard for animals cleaning out the muck in stables. That would only give them more reason to dislike animals, and it would place them in close proximity with those animals that they are being conditioned to dislike.

        Similar punishments to the crime committed – yes I think that is a good idea in all areas of crime.

    • Avatar Of L.d.



      I totally agree and put it on Facebook! “Keep it REAL” dumass!!!! There has to be a bad bad place for people like her that torture helpless animals that the sole purpose in their life is to be loved by a human!!!!

    • Avatar Of Sandy



      She has a screw loose. The offenders are so stupid to admit things on Facebook, but I am sure glad she did. What a horrible way to treat a dog.
      She needs about 5 yrs. of jail time to think about what she did.

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