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Woman Blocks Police Officer From Shooting Her Dog, Charged With Obstruction

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When a Parkersburg, West Virginia woman called police to her home for assistance after a fight broke out between her father-in-law and a neighbor, an unbelievable scene unfolded – and it was all caught on tape.

When West Virginia State Police entered Tiffany Hupp’s yard, her dog, who was tethered by a chain, approached an officer, barking. The officer immediately drew his weapon and aimed it at the dog. Afraid that her dog was about to be killed, Hupp stepped between the officer and her dog, blocking him from shooting.

The officer grabbed Hupp, throwing her to the ground before arresting and charging her with obstruction.

Hupp told WTAP that officers never even addressed the fight between her father-in-law and a neighbor when they arrived.

Hupp also reports that police officers stormed into the home and took everyone’s cell phones when they learned that the incident had been recorded.

Hupp is scheduled to appear in court today, facing charges of obstruction of justice.

West Virginia State Police have not commented on the incident.

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  1. this woman is a hero in my book..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her dog was chained, but this bully cop, holding his gun, was ready to shoot this dog?????……..so very brave of this cop…NOT………..

  2. Avatar Of Beth



    the dog is chained why do these officers have any right drawing their guns to her dog? I would have done the same thing. Officers thing they have all the rights of God almighty. Killing that dog wouldnt have helped nothing. Why not ask the lady to control her dog first? I think its the breed! Makes me see why all the plice officers get a bad rap! And then what did he do? threw the young lady to the ground the reason she fought back was because she thought you were going to kill her family member (yes thats what your pet becomes) If i was the young lady because she has this video i would fight this charge whole heartly. You sir and i say that lightly abused your authority and make me totally sick!! If i were her i would be sueing you for that abuse.

  3. Avatar Of Cherie Parker

    Cherie Parker


    The dog is clearly barking yes, but I do not see any kind of behavior that I would consider aggressive. In fact when the cop throws Tiffany on the ground the dog runs in the other direction. Clearly, several very poor decisions made by this Trooper. I don’t think the second Trooper is of the same mindset but he isn’t stopping any of it either. Shame on both of them. I hope true justice prevails here.

  4. Avatar Of Wkmtca



    some police like killing dogs for no reason almost as much as they like killing blacks for no reason..

    • Avatar Of Unapologetic American

      Unapologetic American


      If blacks don’t want to get shot by cops or law-abiding citizens they should stop committing crimes.

  5. Avatar Of John E. Godiskaq

    John E. Godiskaq


    Sounds like the officers are in trouble. Illegal seizure of the cell phones. She had a perfect right to protect her dog. Though I may question the family fight.

    • Avatar Of Accshe Lly-Tr Ue



      Surely you jest! You’re in fkng WV — JUSTICE is for politicians and the wealthy, not for a puppy or a mere citizen. Judge KING, Kanawaha County — years of sexual abuse and abusive conduct WHILE WEARING THE ROBE ON DUTY AND IN THE COURTHOUSE & COURTROOM. His punishment — FULL RETIREMENT WITH PENSIONS COMPLIMENTS OF MANCHIN. Judge in Mingo framed the husband of his secretary to keep porking her and framed a drug dealer who tried to collect on drugs he sold on credit to the SHERIFF. Prosecutor, Judge, Sheriff all involved. SOS IN EVERY COURTHOUSE IN THE DAMNED CORRUPT STATE. They had an honest PUBLIC SERVANT once but hung him to keep such conduct from spreading.

  6. Avatar Of Randall Hupp Ii

    Randall Hupp II


    There has been a continuance on this trial,..We have spoken to an attorney that is willing to see this case thru till the end,..he’s one of the top attorneys in our area, it’s just a small matter of $2500 for a standard retainer that the family just doesn’t have at this time. The husband of the court appointed attorney, is the supervisor/trooper over the trooper in the video. Our request for a new attorney was denied,..

    • Avatar Of Dogg Luvr

      Dogg Luvr


      Why not start a Go Fund me page. I am in California and I am hearing about this already. I am sure plenty will help out on the retainer fee.

    • Avatar Of Pat Riehl

      Pat Riehl


      you should start a gofund me account. there you could raise the needed money you need. I agree with what this woman did. I would have protected my dog at all costs, too.

    • Avatar Of Ellenl EllenL says:

      This is a disgrace and should be pursued even through appeal (provided what I am reading is the simple truth).

  7. Avatar Of Zei Vogta Zei Vogta says:

    They started a smear campaign here to make Tiffani look like a drug addict,drunkard, etc. Funny thing is Tiffani is anti drug, anti booze, anti pretty much any mind altering substance. She’s a dedicated mother and their family is known for being very involved with people’s rights (all peoples) and animal rights. This incident couldn’t ha. They are ALL so supportive and compassionate that it kills me to see them have to go through this. The ONLY thing she says is “YOU WILL NOT SHOOT MY DOG!!!” ALL of this encounter happened IN FRONT OF HER 2 YEAR OLD SON who was playing in the yard. They realized they were being filmed, then stormed in and STOLE THE CHILDRENS ELECTRONICS as well as all the adults devices as well. I should add Tiffani is very thin, and SHORT. The officer in the video? is double her size. The DOG in the video? Is a non aggressive, friendly, “come up and say hello” dog….which is what it was doing to the officer. It should be added that Tiffani NEVER touched the officer either….merely stood between his gun and her dog(family member)

    • Avatar Of Lyn



      I hope all of the neighbors and friends will show up at every hearing to show their support. This can only be “swept under the rug” if no one stands up for justice. I usually support police officers, but there is no reason for this to have happened. I do not see justice being done given the face that the court appointed attorney has a conflict of interest. Good luck Tiffani

  8. Avatar Of Katiemac



    Hmm. Officer had no PC to detain her, then burglarizes a home that he has no right to enter, (burglary) seizes phones (theft) and no one is doing anything about the misconduct?

  9. Avatar Of Mogilb



    So this guy is a pussy and feels threatened by a small dog on a chain? If the State Police do not discipline this maverick, they will be in big trouble soon; he’s a loose cannon and wants to shoot something…even a person, if necessary! Unreal that some folks are still on a police force!

  10. Avatar Of Lori



    I don’t understand some people! If this dog was tied up and not a threat to the officer, what right does he have to shoot an innocent animal. Police that do this kind of thing don’t belong in law enforcement. Is there a petition we can sign to have this jerk removed from his duties or at least punished?

  11. Avatar Of I



    Totally fascist! He should be sued for everything he’s got–as a police officer and sued personally!

  12. Avatar Of I



    Totally fascist! Thank God it’s on video. He should be sued personally and as a police officer and have his clock cleaned!

  13. Avatar Of Tara Schaller

    tara schaller


    PLEASE update those of us who do not live in that state!
    i am beyond crazed!!! and good for her…and all who recorded it!
    it’s time that, unless an officer is TRUly in danger from an animal,
    that they are only allowed to spray water..or something non-lethal!!!
    a chained pet on the owner’s property is arrested for protecting her
    property??!! (dogs are STILL considered property..THAT needs to change…
    i love our first responders and safety personnel…the ones that do the right
    thing…ALways….can we please PLEASE get rid of the ones who don’t??!!
    and make sure that ALLLLLLLL who work with the public are trained on how
    to handle aggression of all kinds…human AND animal…and know the difference
    between restrained, and UNrestrained…and who’s property is whom’s…..
    God help us!

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