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Woman Faces Lawsuit After Saving Dog from Train Tracks

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An heroic act by a compassionate dog lover in Lima, Peru may result in the good Samaritan facing a lawsuit for the good deed.

At the Metro de Lima in Peru, a dog owner lost grasp of her dog’s leash and the pup slipped onto the train tracks.

Dozens of onlookers stood by while the dog desperately tried jumping back up onto the platform and missing.

A woman watching the scene unfold saw that the dog was unable to jump back onto the platform and that no one else was helping and took matters into her own hands. She jumped down onto the tracks, lifted the dog safely onto the platform, and in just seconds, both she and the dog were clear of any danger.

However, Metro officials view her act of heroism as an act of breaking the law and are considering penalties or a lawsuit against the woman who saved the dog.

Officials claim to have stopped any train traffic, that the dog was not in danger.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Mark



    Once again, corporate, pin headed, clueless mentality rears it’s ugly head! Caring more about…wait for it-POLICY, than compassion. So what else is new!?

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