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Woof, She Did it Again! Britney Spears Gets Another Puppy

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Britney poses with the newest little girl addition to the Spears Family. Photo courtesy of Britney Spears.

Lot’s of big changes this year for pop star, Britney Spears, since the addition of her first tiny pup, Hannah last November!

In addition to splitting from fiancé Jason Trawick and giving up her judging spot on The X Factor, Britney’s added a new tiny dog to her growing fur-family!

Meet the latest little white furball princess that Britney posted to her Facebook page, saying, “Say good morning to my new baby people.”

The newest little one, whose name is being kept quiet for now, joins big sister, Hannah, now an internet sensation with her very own Twitter and quirky personality. Will new furbaby Spears have her own Twitter following, too?

Congrats, Britney, on your growing furry family!

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  1. Avatar Of Sweetgirls SweetGirls says:

    Hi,I Was Woundering Why People Useally Like Britney Spears A Lots Of Them Right.

    But If Fans Do Love Those Singers Right But They Arent Good People.

    But I Dont Like Those Stupid Tattoes On Them You Know That.

    Hey Fans You Got To Hated Those Singers Right They re It Totally It My God.

  2. Avatar Of Reb



    You are all the most judgmental people I’ve ever met.

  3. Avatar Of Kafranc



    If she bought, then I’m nauseated by this story and should not have been posted. If she ADOPTED it from a rescue, then it’s worth posting.

  4. Avatar Of Doglove



    Another of these stories where we’re supposed to be interested/excited just because a celebrity got a dog but no mention of whether the dog was responsibly obtained or purchased. No one should be excited that she got a dog if that dog perpetuates puppy mills. National Mill Dog Rescue sent a lot of us over here to like your page and you’re just going to keep getting negative responses to these stories if you don’t give us an actual reason to celebrate- celebrities ADOPTING new pets!

  5. Avatar Of Jamie Fink

    Jamie Fink


    Did she rescue is the biggest question?

  6. Avatar Of Kris Surroz

    Kris Surroz


    Did she rescue of buy? If she bought Boo-Hiss to her. As a celeb she should set an example for adopting instead of shopping for a dog. These puppy mills are horrible places. I wonder what her mother/father dogs are living like right now. Ever thought of that?

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