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Would You Save The Dog? A Moral Question

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Ralph Ava Head125Wb

Hey everyone, Ralph here and I need your help.
I saw this question on Facebook in a discussion
on morality.

I wanted to see how dog parents would answer it.

You’re driving down a crowded street. There are cars in
front of you and cars behind you. There are pedestrians on
the sidewalk.

Suddenly, traffic speeds up. Off to the side, out of the corner
of your eye, a dog pulls from their dog parent.

The dog charges out right in front of you.

If you stop, cars are going to hit you from the rear and someone can get seriously injured.
If you swerve to the left or right, a pedestrian can get injured.

But if you keep going, the dog is going to be killed.

What do you do?

There are no right or wrong answers. Just want to know what you would do.

Please answer the question below.

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  1. Avatar Of Sd



    I wouldn’t give it a second thought I would brake for the dog. Nothing in the world short of hurting one of my children would stop me from hitting that dog. I have dogs and cats and they are part of our family like our children and I would brake for them and hopefully so would others.

  2. Avatar Of Lynn



    Would slam on the brakes!!!!

  3. Avatar Of Desert



    No question…..SAVE THE DOG!

  4. Stop, swerve, avoid at all costs. Personally, I cannot accept the arrogant notion that human life is somehow more precious than that of other animals.

  5. Avatar Of Darlene



    I break for animals. If the person behind me is following at the proper distance, then there shouldn’t be a problem. If the car behind me rearends me, he is at fault.

  6. Avatar Of Sandra Jossa

    Sandra Jossa


    No doubt in my mind! I would stop and take the chance of getting hit in the rear. I could never just run over a dog.

  7. Avatar Of Michelle



    No hesitation I WILL STOP! and turn my 4 ways on! as I am doing so!!!! Make the jerk riding my ass pay…

  8. Avatar Of Teresa



    Slam on the brakes & save the dog…tailgaters will pay!!

  9. Avatar Of Lisa



    This is easy. Brake for the dog. If I get hit then it’s a rear ender and they are worth big bucks. Then I’ll retire with my whopping social security check.

  10. Avatar Of Karin Greening

    Karin Greening


    A natural instinct for me – SLAM ON THE BRAKES!

  11. Avatar Of Sherrill Benson

    sherrill benson


    I would brake,cars should not be following that close.In fact I would brake for any animal,I have many times for rabbits.I am not going to hit any animal.

  12. Avatar Of Jeanne



    Slam on the brakes and take my chances.

  13. Avatar Of Meryebeth Albert

    MeryeBeth Albert


    Pedestrians need to watch out for themselves! I would, without conscious thought, immediately slam on my brakes and try to retrieve the dog; consequenses be damned.

  14. I too would brake and pray not to hit the dog.

  15. Avatar Of Katrina



    Slam on the breaks for sure!!! and save the dog …..

  16. Avatar Of Paula



    hit the brakes…i could not hit the dog …

  17. Avatar Of Edith



    As someone who nearly went off the road trying to avoid a cat, I’d probably hit the brake without even thinking.

  18. Avatar Of Shauney Kelsey

    shauney kelsey


    I already have the guy behind me has to have his car under control at all times they would do the same for a child why not a dog or cat? I’ve stopped traffic for wild life, a lady who’s dogs got away from her, stray dogs, even a flock of baby turkeys. Not stopping would make me the same as an abuser.

  19. Avatar Of Alice



    My instinct is to hit the brakes, which I know isn’t what expertd tell you to do. But I have a hard time watching anything die, and my common sense flies out the window. And yeah, the guy behind shouldn’t be following me that closely. We hit a cat one time that had babies following her – I will never forget the sound of her crying as we hit her, or the thump under the tires. And we left the babies without their mama – it still breaks my heart. Good reason to always be watching for whatever may be coming at you while your driving!

  20. Avatar Of Deb St. Amour

    Deb St. Amour


    Without a doubt, slam on the brakes.

  21. Avatar Of Cathy S.

    Cathy S.


    Wouldn’t even have to think twice. Would rescue the dog, and if it causes a traffic jam or pisses people off, too bad.

  22. Avatar Of Andy



    I would slam on the brakes without even thinking about it.

  23. Avatar Of Susan Watts

    susan Watts


    I would slam on the brakes and pray. I could no more hit a dog than a person. It’s an awful choice.

  24. Avatar Of Reney



    Take my chances and slam on brakes, the people behind me should always be prepared for the unexpected any way. You can repair a car but you can not repair a life that you may have taken from a family that loved their pet.

  25. I would brake. I would brake if it was a person, so too for an animal. Assured clear distance and insurance are all going to be a second thought. I simply would brake. This being is a life, a soul, an essence.

  26. Avatar Of Patricia



    absolutely, slam on the brakes…if I get hit oh well, that’s what insurance is for…

  27. Avatar Of Tina



    Slam on my brakes. Better a few humans tough out a whiplash than kill or mame a dog. I’be been rear ended and struck as a pedestrian, and trust me when I say that a little whiplash, even a bad one, isn’t nearly as bad a heavy machine tossing you like a salad.

  28. Avatar Of Aimee



    yes, i would stop to save the dog!! i stopped traffic in the middle of town to save a kitten that fell from a car. i would do the same for a dog.

  29. Avatar Of Gail



    I DO brake for dogs! People shouldn’t tailgate!

  30. Avatar Of Nancy Ellis

    Nancy Ellis


    I would slam on the brakes. My body would react, before my mind knew what was happening.

  31. Avatar Of Jimbo Paleo Jimbo Paleo says:

    This is a hard one. I love dogs. I love people. I dont’want to hurt a dog. I want even less to hurt a person.

    I reluctantly choose to be safer for the people than the dogs.

    Please don’t hate me…


  32. Avatar Of Lorilynne Lorilynne says:

    I would slam on my brakes for sure. Let the other cars hit me.

  33. Avatar Of Sherri



    Without a doubt – SLAM on the brakes!! People behind me should be paying attention and if I get hit – that’s what insurance is for! Besides I’d rather have to repair my car than take a life!! Besides unless you are going highway speeds and you’re on a busy surface street in all likelihood you aren’t going that fast and with today’s cars – you’ll get a few bumps, bruises and maybe a cut most likely from the darn airbag!! No – SLAM the brakes – I can take the bruises – I can’t handle taking a life from a fur-friend!

    • Avatar Of Elda



      I agree you should being going at a speed suitable to where you are. I would brake to try to save the dog also, even if I got hit. Would brake my heart to hurt or kill the dog. Any animal or person for that matter.

  34. Avatar Of Pat O'Hanlon

    Pat O'Hanlon


    I would slam on the brakes and/or swerve. Not a matter of thought or choice, I would just do it.

  35. Avatar Of Dj



    Slam on the brakes. So what if I get rear ended?

  36. Avatar Of Lori Boos

    Lori Boos


    There would be no hesitation. I try to be aware of what is taking place on either side of me as well, so I would slam on the brakes and swerve in one direction or the other if it was feasable.

  37. Avatar Of Danielle Ziegler Almes

    Danielle Ziegler Almes


    I would slam on the brakes-just natural response and help the dog and others-thats just how I am & was raised!

  38. Avatar Of Jennifer Wachter

    Jennifer Wachter


    I would apply the brakes. The same principle would apply if the dog was a child or pedestrian. The cars behind you should always be alert to braking vehicles in front of them. Hopefully, they leave enough space between them and the car ahead of them…if not, their insurance will have to pay.

  39. Avatar Of Kaye



    I was on a very busy 6 land a few years ago … traffic was actually stopped. For what? a duck and her ducklings were making their way across. I actually cried … was so thankful for the kindness of every driver ….

  40. Avatar Of Gina Pelletier

    Gina Pelletier


    I would break and take that chance..like another person said that’s what insurance is for. Definitely break and pray for the best!

  41. no questions slamm on brakes as hard as possible meanwhile i would pray PLEASE GOD DON”T LET ME HIT IT….if i get rear ended the car behind should not be following so close they are suppose to leave enough space between cars to stop,,,,,,no one does…. if i get hurt…my thoughts are better me then the dog….:)

  42. Avatar Of Lisa Denton lisa denton says:

    Slam on the brakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Avatar Of Patricia Teel

    Patricia Teel


    Stop of course.

  44. Avatar Of Peg Demaine Peg Demaine says:

    I am a professional driver, as well as a dog trainer, so I’ve learned a few tricks to safe driving. First of all, when traffic speeds up, I travel at a slower pace to give myself room to maneuver.
    While this frustrates drivers behind me, it allows me time and space to slow down, thus saving the dog.

  45. Definitely stop the car and try to get dog to safe place check to see if it has tags to bring him home

  46. Avatar Of Michelle



    I agree with everyone else; slam on the brakes, that’s why I have insurance, shouldn’t be following so close/driving so fast with that much traffic (pedestrian and vehicle) around anyway.

  47. Avatar Of Thomas Butler

    Thomas Butler


    I am going to stop and save the dog. If my car get hit I can always get it fixed.

  48. Avatar Of Charlie



    Brake job…save the dog

  49. Avatar Of Anna



    Absolutely slam on the brakes for any animal!

  50. Avatar Of Chenoa Miller

    Chenoa Miller


    I would slam on the brakes without a second thought. The drivers behind me should be paying attention and see my brake lights come on. If they hit me it is their fault.

  51. Avatar Of Eugene



    That’s what insurance is for. Let them hit me, besides if they do they were probably too damn close!

  52. Avatar Of Roseann Robinson

    Roseann Robinson


    I would do exactly the same thing as Linda above said. I’ve had it happen before and your (my) natural reaction is to hit the brakes. Unfortunately when the person rear-ended me, I would probably suffer some type of injury too. But I could not deliberately “run down” a dog or anything else.

  53. Avatar Of Cathy Cartwright

    Cathy Cartwright


    I would hit the breaks & take the chance of getting hit. No doubt in my mind.

  54. I would slam on the breaks without a second thought to another potential problems. It would be an automatic response for me.

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