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What Would Your Pup Say to The Dog Psychic?

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Renowned pet psychic, Anni Germani, claims she can talk to your dog – and does so every year at the Westminster Dog Show, where dog owners and their prized pets line up for a chance to communicate with their dog through Germani. Whether you believe in psychic abilities or not, you’ve no doubt wondered, what would your pup say to the dog psychic? In the article below from Sandy Robins of msnbc.com, we were surprised by some of the silly things the Westminster Show dogs said.

What Would Your Pup Say to The Dog Psychic?

“‘Is my dog going to win?’ is the question on every dog owner’s mind,” admits Germani of Monroe, Mich. “I know how well a dog is going to do by the amount of white light that surrounds it. But I never tell the owner directly because knowing in advance will spoil their moment of glory in the show ring.

“A lot of dogs complain to me that they have sore knees and legs. This is nothing more than nervous tension passed on to them by their owners. I suggest canine massage and an aromatherapy treatment.”

Germani says that she has been able to communicate with animals since she was a child.

“I can’t explain it. I used to sit in church and talk to the saints and get answers to my questions. Then I discovered that I could converse with my own dogs and cats.

“A lot of pets tell me they don’t enjoy the show ring,” confides Germani. “They are doing it because they love their owners and want to please them. I am very upfront about this. Another common complain comes from dogs that don’t like their handlers. That’s why owners that handle their own dogs often do much better in the ring. In the past when I have confronted owners, they’ve admitted that they are aware of this situation and what I am saying simply confirms it for them. I’ve also been told by many show dogs that they hate flying and feel very claustrophobic in their cages.”

Germani says that some dogs can be real telltales and enjoy spilling the beans about their owners.

“I communicated with a Borzoi that told me his owner was forever telling him where to go pee and he asked me to pass on the message to be allowed to select his own spot. He was a very particular and methodical dog. If he had been a person, he would have had a very neat house. His owner confirmed that he would only eat if the food bowl was full and placed in a particular location in the kitchen.

“I pointed out to her that her dog also complained that he could taste soap on his food and she admitted that sometimes she rushed out in the mornings and didn’t rinse of the bowl very well.”

Germani says that other canine confessions include a dog who protested that his owner was very messy around the house and that he preferred to be in his cage because that was the only tidy area in the home.

Another didn’t like being yelled at when he’s outside playing and asked her to pass on the message.

“I’ve also been asked to tell an owner that his dog doesn’t like the way he smells when he comes in from work and doesn’t shower immediately.”

So, what do you think YOUR dog would say to the pet psychic? Let’s hope he doesn’t dislike the way we smell! To read more of Sandy’s article at msnbc.com, click here. Have you ever visited a pet psychic? Did your dog spill any secrets? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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