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Dog Astrology

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

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Ever wondered what the alignment of the stars and planets have to say about your dog? The astrologers at Mystic Dog Newf have compiled this peek into your dog’s zodiac sign and what it means for his demeanor and his life’s path. Read on to learn more about your Pisces dog’s horoscope.

Your Dog’s Horoscope: Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

•Sign of The Fish
•Ruling Planet – Neptune
•Most Desirable Qualities – Mystical, Gentle, Kind
•Talent – Extrasensory preception
•Physical Characteristics – Athletic, Lean
•Lucky Day – Thursday
•Most Harmonious Signs – Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo

You know all – You see all – you are mystical and possess the ability to sense the unknown! Your ball should be a “crystal ball”.

You are highly sensitive to others and will shrink away from an “apparently” friendly person because you “know” something is not right. Your howling may indicate your awareness of pending peril or evildoers. And when you appear to bark “at nothing” those around you should be on guard.

When you sense good, you are gentle and unassuming and love being scratched around your ears and tummy. Strong relationships develop when an aura is appealing.

Beige Poodle

You communicate with your eyes and that far away look that you have is often a prelude to something you sense that others need to be aware of.

All of these senses combine to make you an unusually sensitive soul and a harsh word can literally make you sick and you will crawl away in silent misery.

Your sleep is a dreamland of wanderings and when awakened suddenly you are often disoriented and not sure where your head is and where your tail is. This coincides with the Sign of the Fish for one of the two fish is facing one way while the other is in the opposite direction. This may leaving you feeling like you are coming and going at the same time!

The results of this disorientation may make you accident prone, so be careful, and those around you need to be both understanding and supportive of your nature.

You are the ultimate “beach dog” and would breath water rather than air if you could. Neptune’s influence makes you an Olympic swimmer and you would win the “Gold” for diving if only they would only hold Doggy Olympics.

Last year was filled with pending events that you could sense. This year will be less eventful and may include additions to the family. If the additions are yours, you will pamper and adore your pups and will be able to sense their every need. In any event, this year will be “special” and “rewarding”!.

Your lucky is number is 4 and your favorite colors are gray or white.

Read more from the Mystic Dog Newf here. Does this dog horoscope give you any insight into your Pisces born dog? Tell us about it below!

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    I have an aborable, affectionate, expressive, “typical” Pisces Puggle b. 3/14/09, Pops will be 4 very soon, I’mmso glad I made a difference in his life. As a Fish he needed a quiet, sustained enviornment and a permanent Home.

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