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Dog Astrology

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

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Ever wondered what the alignment of the stars and planets have to say about your dog? The astrologers at Mystic Dog Newf have compiled this peek into your dog’s zodiac sign and what it means for his demeanor and his life’s path. Read on to learn more about your Sagittarius dog’s horoscope.

Your Dog’s Horoscope: Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

•Sign of The Archer
•Ruling Planet – Jupiter
•Most Desirable Qualities – Nature Loving, active
•Talent – Hunting
•Physical Characteristics – Well-balanced body, ankles and feet will be fine and delicate
•Lucky Day – Monday
•Most Harmonious Signs – Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

Sagittarius is the Sign of the Archer and this signifies that you definitely have a purpose or aim in life. You are also a natural born hunter and will stalk anything that moves including ants, butterflies, and old newspapers.


You have tremendous vitality are very alert and interested in everything that goes on. In fact your nose is usually in everyone else’s business and you consult the corner fire hydrant (or local favorite tree) to find out who’s in town. This curiosity also leads you down the street and into some places you may not be welcome, and you often come home having adopted an orphan.

You have a very passionate temperament and are sensitive and sympathetic to the moods of those around you. You adore good living, happy and congenial companions. With a huge sigh of contentment you will claim the most comfortable chair in the house and sink wearily into it.

Key words: enthusiastic, optimistic, philosophical, restless describe you!

Harsh words or tone of voice will cause you resentment and you will pretend to not understand. A bath is revolting and so are cats.

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Well sometimes you are considered just too frank and candid. Wait till someone sniffs first next time, then you can be very responsive to love. According to the stars your best companion would be one born between May 21 to June 21.

While you seek vigorous activity (even in your later years) your delicate legs must be cared for!! No rough jumping over fences.

Life will be good you this year. Your lucky number is 2 and so of course this year should be even more lucky. Your most favorite color is green.

Read more from the Mystic Dog Newf here. Does this dog horoscope give you any insight into your Sagittarius born dog? Tell us about it below!

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  1. Avatar Of Michelle



    My dog is a 14 year old female Pit Bull, so yes on the delicate ankles & feet. She does have problems with her legs. She broke her leg years ago. Now she has arthritis.
    She is a great hunter. She has caught a rabbit, a chipmunk & voles. She wanted to chase a deer that ran across our path in the park. Thankfully, she was on a leash, or she would have run into the river after it!
    Even in her old age, she is very active (we walked for THREE hours yesterday… well, she does walk slowly.. but still). Now that she is older, she takes more time (a little too much time!) to stop & “smell the roses”. Before she would just constantly pull… probably trying to dislocate my arm!
    How can a dog be philosophical???? LOL Dogs don’t have that higher level of thinking…..
    Actually, she loves kitties. I used to have a kitten (he died from feline leukemia). She LOVED him; she followed him around like a lovesick girlfriend hehe They play-fought together & she was very gentle with him. It’s actually other dogs that she does not like (she will tolerate them if they are “pack”).

  2. Avatar Of Mary Plumstead

    Mary Plumstead


    I love this – well written – very funny and clever! My Emmy is an adopted red Standard Poodle – born 12/6. She came to us less than a year ago as a frightened, shy girl – terrified of her own shadow. She has since become quite the bold huntress and believes that anything moving that is not her family is Satan and must be called out and barked away. She has taken over the best chair in the house and it is there she retreats (in a huff) if she suspects that she has been scolded (though harsh words are never spoken to her). Although you did not mention it– so it may not be typical of her sign–Emmy always smells like a cinnamon cookie. I’m not sure why. If only I could figure out the real birthdate of Keno – our other adopted standard poodle. He should belong to whatever sign has the best sense of humor and most laid back personality.

  3. Avatar Of Lillifee



    Hi!Can´t find my dogs birthday an 13th January. 🙁 Lillifee

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