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Dog Astrology

Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

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Ever wondered what the alignment of the stars and planets have to say about your dog? The astrologers at Mystic Dog Newf have compiled this peek into your dog’s zodiac sign and what it means for his demeanor and his life’s path. Read on to learn more about your Virgo dog’s horoscope.

Your Dog’s Horoscope: Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

•Sign of The Virgin
•Ruling Planet – Mercury
•Most Desirable Qualities – Industrious, Discriminating
•Talent – Getting into trouble
•Physical Characteristics – Strong and muscular
•Lucky Day – Wednesday
•Most Harmonious Signs – Capricorn, Taurus

This will be a busy year for you with lots of travel and a probable relocation, but if they start to pack their bags and don’t pack yours you will be inconsolable! You suffer intensely from jealousy and can’t bear the thought that you might be overlooked or forgotten. Your traumatic out bursts could qualify you as “best dog” actor of the year!

You strive for perfectionism and once trained you will be “perfect” at all you know and do. Getting you to that level will have its trials and tribulations, however, since you are only interested in those things which can be classified in the realm of dog reality.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo. Mercury’s influence varies in intensity, but strongly affects your internal well being. So while you love luxury, but be careful of your tummy, since it is very delicate.

Dog In Flowers

You have green feet (yes, some have two left feet, but you have green feet!) Gardening is your passion and delight and you will spend hours of happiness digging in the garden although you aren’t always good at discerning weeds from the perennials. Try to stay in your own back yard when gardening, since not all of the neighbors are as understanding as they should be.

If there were a talent contest for Hole-to-China digging; Grass-is-always-greener looking and Not-in-my-Back Yard gopher chasing, you would always win 1st prize.

You are ardently romantic and there is no one happier or more playful than you are. You can sway all who come in contact with you, but you have a tendency to become a one-person dog, bestowing all of your love attention to that one person. You will be content to sit at that person’s side, eyes paying homage to him/her.

Your lucky number is 3 and since everything happens in 3’s you will have an abundance of goodness in your life. Your romantic life will be a busy whirlwind, but don’t rush into a hasty relationship! According to the stars your best relationship would be with one born between December 22 and January 19. Your favorite color is orange.

Read more from the Mystic Dog Newf here. Does this dog horoscope give you any insight into your Virgo born dog? Tell us about it below!

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