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Is Your Furball Prepared for a Disaster?

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As we are unfortunately reminded from time to time, all living things can be destroyed by nature at will. This is why most humans with any common sense at all prepare for any kind of tragedy that might occur because of these natural disasters. But the question is, how about our dogs? Are they also prepared for earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, and hurricanes, and so on?

With all the natural calamities occurring around the globe, such as tsunamis in Japan, earthquakes in Haiti, hurricanes on the East Coast, and flooding in the West, you should examine if you and your dog really are prepared for these “doomsday scenarios”. Calamities and disasters respect no one – whether you are rich or poor, or live in different countries, everyone gets a piece of the dreaded action. And even if storms and tsunamis etc. do not greatly affect you like in other countries, you still need to stay alert at all times and know the preventive measures for any disaster.

Most areas that are on low land have greater risks for tsunamis and flooding, especially if they’re near the oceans where tropical storms and hurricanes may form. Floods are just one of the worst-case scenarios that can occur in natural disasters, so what is the first thing you do in the event that your area gets flooded and you possible may have a hard time making an escape? You need a plan of action.

Likewise, you need a plan for your furball. You need a storage bin to act as a disaster kit for your dog, so if a disaster occurs, you can grab it and your dog and get out. You can buy a large Rubbermaid storage bin or container that is clear in color, so that you will be able to see inside the bin and make it easier to find things in a hurry. It should also be sealable so that no water gets inside of it. The reason why it should be large is that you can pack in most if not all of what you need. If you have a small dog and only have a few items to store there, you can use the container to mix in some of your personal stuff as well, to save space.

Here are the must-have things in your canine disaster preparedness storage bin:

  • Dog food. While canned dog food is not always the best healthy option for your dog, you might have no choice during disasters and calamities when there is a food shortage and you have nowhere to go. Just make sure to put in dog food of good kind and have less artificial flavorings. Packing in kibble inside zip lock bags is okay too, but you have to rotate it regularly. Pack in around 8 to 12 cans, which can vary depending on your dog’s size.
  • Water. Make sure your dog has clean water to drink. A 3-gallon jug is okay, but you can also bring in a pocket micro filter in case you run out of clean water to drink.
  • Medical and Vaccination Records. You will need this for future reference and emergencies, so don’t let them get wet.
  • Dog ID. In case your dog gets lost, you should have a phone number on the ID.
  • Chip Number. In case your dog is on microchip, keep its number on the box as well.
  • Dog Crate. Prepare an easy-to-carry dog crate for your dog, so you’d be able to contain him in public places like relief centers.
  • Dog Leashes. Keep extras in case your leash gets lost or another owner is looking for one.
  • Medicine. This is very important for a dog as it is for humans. Make sure you have ready medicine for your dog on the storage bin.

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