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Your Guide to Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential oils are great smelling oils that are popular for aromatherapy and household scenting, commonly used in air fresheners, diffusers and more. Humans also use essential oils to treat non-life threatening ailments like insomnia, depression and anxiety. 

Naturally, the question arises: can we also use them on our pets? Like anything, there are some oils that are safe for our canine companions and others that are dangerous. When used correctly, essential oils can help us quell anxiety, depression and irritation in our dogs!

How to Apply Essential Oils to Dogs

  • Oil Diffuser: Drop essential oils into a store-bought or homemade diffuser and allow your pet to inhale the scent, making sure to monitor your dog’s behavior to make sure they like it. 
  • Topically: Dilute with a carrier oil before applying, and use the following guidelines: 
    • For cats and small dogs: 9:1 carrier oil to essential oil 
    • For medium-sized dogs: 4:1 carrier to essential oil
    • For large dogs: 3:1 carrier to essential oil
    • For large animals such as horses and cattle: begin with 1:1 carrier to essential oil 
  • Mixed with Soap: Mixing the essential oil with your dog’s shampoo or soap can make a fun and great-smelling bath time experience. 

Which Oils are Pet-Safe? 

To get you started on your natural wellness journey, we’ve compiled a list of dog-safe essential oils. Though these essential oils are safe for pets, we still recommend checking with a vet before starting your dog on an essential oil routine.

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