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Your Dog Deserves a Proud Name!

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I bet if you take a few minutes to think about this, you can remember a few of the really awful names other people have given their dogs. Where this is particularly noticeable is names for some male dogs. I know I certainly can remember some “doozies”, and if I were one of those dogs I would file for a name change! Your dog is a loyal and proud animal that is going to be with you and your family for many years, so don’t you feel it deserves a name to be proud of? When you think about the name of your dog, it is a reflection on the relationship you have with each other, and how you really feel about the dog.

Would you consider naming your dog any of the following names? Flearoy, Gico, Homer, Deadbeat, Fetch, Jimmy Dean Link, Doozer, Fatboy, or Digger? Not unless you have a very strange sense of humor! Yet many people use these names for their dogs. Why not find a name unique to your dog and its breed or heritage? If he could speak he would thank you I am sure. Below are a few tips to help you decide on a name that befits you best friend.

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  1. Avatar Of Meghan



    We’ve got a reddish Carolina dog (Ginger); a Pointer/Dane mix (Samson a/k/a Sam) and a shepherd mix (Madeline) who came to us already named.

  2. Avatar Of Fran



    Our Dogue de Bordeaux’s (French mastiffs) are Jacques and Aurore (pronounced Aurora) and our half German boxer is Gabi.

  3. Avatar Of Liz



    I have a two year old border terrier named Forrest. It seemed so fitting for him as he just loves to run! When we decided to get another dog, we naturally had to name her Jenny!

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  5. Avatar Of Nicole



    My besties name is Bella because it means beautiful in Italian !

  6. Avatar Of Wanda Mello

    Wanda Mello


    Years ago we had two chows. Tar Rah Rah Boomerang was a black male who we affectionately called Boomer. And we named our amber colored female chow Sunny Sundae Chowgirl. She was called Sundae for short! We also had two Shi Tzu dogs named Pepto Gizmo (Giz for short) and our copper colored female named Una Centava (Penny)! Since then we have named and loved Tejon, Smokey, Ginger, Flossie, Clifford, Cordova, and Mugsy!

  7. Avatar Of Dor



    Our first dog (rescue) was a beautiful golden colored lab mix named Brandy. We got her when she was just 6 months old and had her for 15 wonderful years. She really was the best dog EVER and we still miss her to this day even though in December it will be 3 years since we had to say goodbye to her after a long illness.

    Two years ago next week actually we got another rescue, a boxer mix this time called Bella. At first we didn’t think it was going to work out with her, it was obvious that Bella had been abandoned and mistreated and to this day she HATES being cold or wet! But she wormed her way into our hearts after the third day of being with us, she fell prey to an extremely high fever and awful infection which left her almost completely paralyxed. Then we later discovered she must have had the illness for weeks at the shelter but it had gone undetected by the shelter’s vet and didn’t materialize until we had her home for a few days. After several trips to our vet, some major heavy duty antibiotics and a couple of very scary nights, Bella made it through her illness and has found her way into our hearts. She’s still a puppy at only 2 1/2 years old (we estimate) but she’s a wonderful dog and a great guardian for the house. NO ONE gets in this house unless MISS BELLA approves of them! LOL

    Then along came Lucy….Lucy is our Shepherd mix and actually belonged to our daughter so when she got married she took the puppy with her. Well, her husband already had a dog and a year later, when their baby daughter was born with some health issues, it was decided then that we would bring Lucy back home here to live with her “grandparents”. Lucy and Bella have become the best of friends and sleep together at the foot of our bed (or ON it!) every night now and run and play in our huge back yard that they love every day! Yep, you won’t two more spoiled dogs than they are but we wouldn’t have them any other way!

  8. Avatar Of Christina



    HENRY…he’s our “Handsome Henry” a 4 year old super gentle Rottweiler therapy dog…

  9. Avatar Of Beth



    I named my Chihuahua Bruce Lee because I thought such a tiny dog needed a tough namesake. My girl Chihuahua is named Lola…because my husband wouldn’t let me name her Tehluhlah 🙂

  10. Avatar Of Petra Kowalis

    Petra Kowalis


    I currently have a big brown (90 lb) dog named Bear. It really suits him.

  11. Avatar Of Kinda



    Bogie, Gunner, Chase, Major, Shadow, Ryker are the ones we have lost, Kodi Xander, & Wyatt are boys we have now. All rescues. Love all my boys!

  12. Avatar Of Marsha Marsha says:

    I always take a characteristic or feature and go by that, like Domino for a Dalmation, for example. As for our dogs, the names were my husband’s idea and I already explained it on Facebook.

  13. I have 2 rescue dogs, Ebony a black Lhapso aphso mix with Havanese.. I call her Ebbie because it fits her better, and then there is Ally a schnauser… Their names fit right in with our family names…lol

  14. Avatar Of Bonnie Braun

    Bonnie Braun


    Best name I ever heard was given to a fearless little Yorkie. They called him Brute, he never trembled, as Yorkies often do, and he stood his ground around people and other, bigger dogs. The name worked for him.

  15. Avatar Of Peggy Chase Peggy Chase says:

    I have 6dogs, The oldest a pit bull great pyranee mix. Is BJ short for Bob Jr., Then there is Delta who’s companion Dawn was poisoned. Spunky Brewster, a rat terrier, Little bit, cookie, and scrapple. All terriffic dogs.

  16. Avatar Of Celticlady



    My Irish Wolffhounds were King Arthur and Lady Guinevere, (Arthur & Gwen). My chocolate lab, Magnum Blackfoot’s Lady Godiva (Diva), Yellow Lab, Misty & Lobo’s Boy-O (Lobo as an adult).
    My current Chihuahuas are Enrique de Elsa y Scooby (Rico), La Estrella de Vanilla y Pepe el segundo (Chloe), Eduardo de Grace y Cesar (Eddie), and Angelina Dedonde no se (Angel)

    I treat all of them like majestic IWH.

    You get what you invest in your dogs.

  17. Avatar Of Robbi Henry

    Robbi Henry


    My Jack Russell Terrier ladies are named Caleigh and Sadie. The JRT I previously had was named Rachel. I prefer names that are beautiful and that have some meaning to me. They’re my sweet babies.

  18. Avatar Of Ann



    My dog was found (most definitely abandoned) under a bridge, hence the name Bridgette.

  19. Avatar Of Oksunny



    My dog (6.5 yr old, female, yellow lab/GSD mix) is Sammi.

    named after my favorite character in my favorite soap opera (Sami Brady from Days of our Lives)

    It’s a perfect name for her….

  20. Avatar Of Peggy



    We have had a yellow lab Sandi.
    Rescue Bulldogs Cora bully Chloe another Boots.
    English Bulldog his name is Bobby.
    Son had a blue tick hound Dexter and a bassett hound Beau.
    Most of these 4 legged angels suit their names.
    Life would be so empty without them…

  21. Avatar Of Sandy



    I have two male boxers 90lbs each and they are the love of mylife!! Their names are Buster & Gunner and they fit their names perfect. They are a total joy to have around..Love my boys 🙂

  22. Avatar Of Ken



    Fritz and Suzette, both standard poodles.

  23. Avatar Of Chloe



    My beautiful friend whose breed is a mystery, but I’m guessing includes german shephard and golden retriever, has fur the colour of a dark harvest moon. When he came home with me from the Humane Society I decided to call him Rufus (a variation of the colour red) and there is hardly a day goes by when we are out walking when folks either stop us to comment on how stunning he looks or just smile at him. I always say that he is as beautiful inside as out.

    I once had a friend who called her dog Yafi. He was a rescue mutt and her first dog. Yafi was an acronym for “you’re a f*cking idiot”. Yeash. She never really bonded with Yafi. Wonder why?

  24. Avatar Of Jan



    Our black lab is Noodles

  25. Avatar Of Joan



    My oldest cat is Ivy (her deceased sister was Holly) They were named that because I got them just before Christmas. The middle kitty is Sophie, because she wouldn’t respond to my first choice which was Jolie. The Russian Blue kitten is Crazy Legs McDuff, aka Duffy. My Cocker is Hanina (Hani for short) and the golden retriever pup is Riley.

  26. Avatar Of Nancy Ames

    Nancy Ames


    We have a German Short haired pointer his name is Rocky Valentine (registered)we call him Rocky. My GSD/Husky mix is Acer because he is smart! Acer is a Humane Society adoption when he was 2 months. We are so lucky to have them.

  27. Avatar Of Yas



    We have a gorgeous tan pitbull and his name is Zane.

  28. Avatar Of Dusty Gres

    Dusty Gres


    We picked up a stray Jack Russell terrier female who was in heat. There was a Plott hound mix living in the woods with a wild pack and who came to the house, sat under the window, and bayed — looking for the lovely lady. When we took him in we had to name him Romeo since he had already been saying, “But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?” every evening.

  29. Avatar Of Trey



    My dog is named Kona. He was named after Kona coffee because of his beautiful brown coat. Our cat is named Jack he is my son’s kitty and he picked it out but it really fits him 😀

  30. Avatar Of John



    I just lost my dog, a beloved jet black standard poodle prematurely. His name was “Moose”. It was a fitting tribute to his oversize heart which was as big as Texas and filled to overflowing with love for everyone. Every day I miss him and thank my lucky stars that he allowed us into his world. Before I die, I want to be as wise as a dog- they are the only ones who love unconditionally. Namaste! john

    • Avatar Of Christne Jaeger

      Christne Jaeger


      My sympathies for the loss of your best friend. I know the feeling, I lost my best friend Isis last November and I still cry for her.

      Standard Poodles were the first love of my life so many years ago! I understand the attraction where some people don’t. Once again, sorry for your loss.

      Sincerely, Chris

  31. Avatar Of Amy Waage

    Amy Waage


    Our herd consists of Lilly, Jack, Charles, Oliver, Chica, Kisha, Buddy and Maxx! Chica, Kisha and Buddy were foster failures so we just left their names when they came into our home as fosters. I believe they need to have normal names. We have a friend that inappropriately named his little “Dipshit”! Needless to say that angers me.

  32. Avatar Of Denise



    I have 2 doberman-lab brothers. I didn’t name either one of them because they belonged to other people before they became mine. The funny thing is that they belonged to two separate families who didn’t know each other and they both wound up with names that begin with “S” and they sound good together. One is named Slater and the other is Scout.

  33. Avatar Of Pamela Davin

    Pamela Davin


    I just groomed a dog named Dufus but he was cute the owners were Dufus He needed grooming so bad he couldnt shit. needless to say I was mad.

  34. Avatar Of Donna



    Our dog is a Borador..a lab and border collie mix. His name is Bruno. Beautiful and well-mannered dog.

  35. Avatar Of Eve Eve says:

    I named my first poodle Beau Geste, French for beautiful gesture I believe. We called him Beau for short. I also had two other dogs, one was called muffin, the other was miss muffet,I had another called princess, a cocker spaniel named Dudley, a paralyzed dog on wheels,named snoopy, that was his original name, I found his owner, after I picked him up on the highway, he’d been hit by a car and it had severed his spine, of course they didn’t want him back.I now have cats,One is Rusty, another Taffy, his half brother is Ollie, and his sister is Penney, the oldest cat I have is Misty.
    I believe dogs and cats should have decent names, not silly ones.

    • Avatar Of Ambre



      Theodore Reinhold ( a chihuahua) who came as a rescue was renamed to a more acceptable Spanky Jo, My Aussie Shep is named Roni Bell Specter ( after the singer), and we have Freddie Astaire ( my son claims his name to be freddie mercury) Calvin Maynard, Mortimer Snurd, and Grace Kelley. I beleive they all need Middle Names too. ( they all have our last name in common)

    • Avatar Of Vicki



      The first time I saw my Chihuahua puppy, she weighed a little less than one pound. I had never seen a puppy walking and playing and eyes and ears open that small before. I picked her up and brought her close to my face and she swatted my nose with her teeny, tiny paw. I said something like, well you sassy little thing. So she became Sassy. Her AKC paper name is Angelita’s (her mother’s name) Sarsaparilla Sue. I named my Siberian husky pup a Russian name after 2 cities in Siberia. her AKC paper name was Czarina Sascha of Isiskaia (the 2 cities in Siberia)…known as Sascha.

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