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YOUR Responsibilities, Owner!

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WHAT responsibilities, you say? Surely not! Just keep it fed and watered, and take it out, or tie it up in the yard? Right?

Unfortunately, too many people think that’s all there is to being a dog owner. You may have an idiot dog-owning neighbor or two like that. I know I do! LOL!

Don’t be that way yourself! There are at least 10 major responsibilities (many of them legally required) for the owner. If you are thinking of getting a dog and are new at it, please think carefully about the following points:

1 Do not bring a dog into your family until you can afford its maintenance and upkeep, including annual Vet exams, recurring medications and vaccinations and, any emergency care that may be needed.

2. Immediately get your dog proper identification, preferably using a microchip. Your vet or shelter can usually handle this, or quickly point you to who can.

3. Don’t allow your dog to run unattended in urban areas – keep it on a leash. Don’t let it run unattended or unleashed in the country either, until you have taught it to “Come”. If it takes off after another animal, you may never see it again.

4. Know ALL local, state, and neighborhood laws/rules, AND obey them, stupid as some of them may seem.

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  1. Avatar Of Lora



    I wish I’d had this article a few months ago. We live in an apartment and the neighbors – otherwise LOVELY people – got a dog for Christmas. It will be a larger dog and our dog is small. They allowed theirs (while they had it, the apt manager made them get rid of it – seems she had approved a small dog only) to run loose all hours of the day. I was always worried that she’s run into the street (a major roadway) and be killed. My only “issue” with the article is # 5. I don’t think they (non-complying owners) should be jailed, I think that they should be REQUIRED to police their county for a year – picking up -bare handed – the result of other non-compliant dog owners!!!! That way they get a REAL FEEL for what it’s like to step in THEIR DOGS trace!!!!

  2. Avatar Of Scout



    I also did not like the tone of this article, though for somewhat different reasons. The majority of it has good information, but the EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! and LOLs diminished it, as they do in most communications. Ditch the drama. Focus on the issue. Please.

  3. Avatar Of Amanda Witter Enriquez

    Amanda Witter Enriquez


    The disrespectful language outshines the remarks. I will not be sharing this. It is rude.

    • Avatar Of Cheryl



      I really didn’t see anything that was rude or disrespectful of other people. But I DO think that other people that don’t follow this rules ARE RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. It’s really easy to be a respectful dog owner and anyone that has a problem with that IS and idiot that doesn’t deserve to have dogs. It’s just not that difficult to do.

  4. Avatar Of Melody Hintergardt

    melody hintergardt


    I had a St. Bernard named Maggie a few years ago who was a novalty. I had to lock my gates to keep the neighbor kids out which was not right. Yes, I knew the laws & went beyond but the kids even after talking to their parents would sneak in to play with her. Maggie was great with them but like you say, every dig can bite.

  5. Avatar Of Laura Lewis Laura Lewis says:

    I agree only I do think the tone of this article is sharp, i.e., “rude, idiot dog owners”, “slip it under some idiot owner’s door!!!!” LOL It is so important to pick up the poop (and so damned easy, too). There are so many dogs around and if I didn’t pick up after my one dog where we walk regularly in our park, his poop alone would be enough to fill the back of the pick up truck in a matter of months. And it spreads germs to other animals who walk there including your own babies (furry or otherwise). Also, Yes Walk Your Dogs!!! They all are related to the Wolf. Wolves can travel up to 200 miles in one single day. All dogs must have regular walks so that they will be balanced and happy and healthy. Same goes for us, too. And there is nothing better than adopting a wonderful companion, best friend for life, saving my own life—loving my babies. Thanks for putting out the good word. 😉 <3

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