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Airport Authorities Shoot, Kill Dog that Escaped Kennel onto Runway

A 2-year old rescue dog was shot and killed by airport authorities when, while being transported to her new home, she escaped from her kennel and darted onto a runway.

The dog, 2-year old Greta, a Golden/Labrador mix, had been rescued by Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue as a stray from a remote northern Canada community. She was on her way to Winnepeg to begin her new life with a loving foster family when, while traveling in the cargo hold of the airplane, she managed to escape her kennel.

When the plane doors opened, Great darted onto an active runway, forcing one flight to abort its landing and several others to reroute and divert their paths.

“The dog ran across the active runway, which caused a flight coming in from Las Vegas to be diverted. It had to abort its landing,” Tyler MacAfee, Winnipeg Airports Authority spokesman told CTVNews.

At one point, authorities managed to contain Greta on another airfield, but she escaped again, running back onto the active runway, posing a risk to herself and to passengers on board arriving flights. That’s when wildlife control officers made the difficult decision to use lethal force.

The Airports Authority has launched an internal review into the incident to learn how exactly Greta got out of her crate and what techniques were used to try to capture the animal without lethal force, but MacAfee noted the wildlife management plan is consistent with other airports across the country.

Manitoba Mutts expressed sadness over Greta’s death, but feel confident that the right decision was made.

Winnepeg officials have launched an internal review that includes meeting with Manitoba Mutts to determine how Greta escaped and what all parties involved could do differently to prevent a similar incident in the future.

“We are incredibly devastated that this was the outcome for Greta and that she never got to live the life we wanted for her. In over 7 years of our operation, and transporting hundreds of dogs in the same manner, this is the first instance of this kind and we are going to work to ensure it’s the last,” Manitoba Mutts wrote on Facebook.

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