Barry Switzer Doubles Reward to Find Tortured Dog’s Killer

Former head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys and College Football Hall of Fame-r, Barry Switzer was so touched by the story of Jetta, the black lab that was tied and dragged behind a car before being shot and killed this weekend, that he’s offered to double the original reward offer, bringing the payout to anyone coming forward with information leading to an arrest to $10,000!

Two of Jetta's nine 4-week old puppies are certainly missing their mother.

After learning of the horrific torture and murder of the new mother of 9 puppies, Switzer tweeted, “Lab dog was dragged to death in Rogers County. $4500 has been offered for the capture of those responsible. I will match reward. Sorry SOB.”

He then reached out the dog owner, Melony Patton, telling the heartbroken Rogers County resident,”We are heartbroken for your loss of Jetta. This will help find those responsible for such a senseless, horrific crime.”

Jetta’s young puppies will carry on their mother’s sweet nature and loving character. And, with hope, someone will come forward with information about this case. For information about Jetta’s death, read our story here.


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