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Barry Switzer Doubles Reward to Find Tortured Dog’s Killer

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Barry Switzer

Former head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys and College Football Hall of Fame-r, Barry Switzer was so touched by the story of Jetta, the black lab that was tied and dragged behind a car before being shot and killed this weekend, that he’s offered to double the original reward offer, bringing the payout to anyone coming forward with information leading to an arrest to $10,000!

Two of Jetta’s nine 4-week old puppies are certainly missing their mother.

After learning of the horrific torture and murder of the new mother of 9 puppies, Switzer tweeted, “Lab dog was dragged to death in Rogers County. $4500 has been offered for the capture of those responsible. I will match reward. Sorry SOB.”

He then reached out the dog owner, Melony Patton, telling the heartbroken Rogers County resident,”We are heartbroken for your loss of Jetta. This will help find those responsible for such a senseless, horrific crime.”

Jetta’s young puppies will carry on their mother’s sweet nature and loving character. And, with hope, someone will come forward with information about this case. For information about Jetta’s death, read our story here.

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  1. Avatar Of Ron Watson

    Ron Watson


    People who hurt, or torture animals, children, or people are soulless and devoid of a conscience. They will have a special place reserved for them in hell. It’s impossible to comprehend the inhumanity on this planet from Chinese who eat dogs and cats (boiling them alive to remove their fur), to abuse of farm animals. These soulless beings deserve to suffer the pain they inflicted on other living souls to give them a taste of there own cruelty.

  2. Avatar Of Denise



    I would imagine the owner of the dog knows what happened, perhaps the same punishment should apply to the owner.

  3. Avatar Of Marcia Moore

    Marcia Moore


    This type of crime against helpless animals has got to stop. It takes a sick person to do such a think to a sweet animal. I would love to tie whoever did this up and drag them around. We need to toughen the laws against animal cruelty. Thank you Barry.

  4. Avatar Of Andrew Minty

    Andrew Minty


    I hope they catch whoever did this. Frankly, I hope that they catch whoever did this, and after they are released from jail, and done all the courts require of them and are flat broke from attorney fees and fired from their job, that they get their jacket caught on a passing car and dragged to their death. Now that would encroach on some sort of real justice for the animals. Nearly all serial killers start out joy killing animals, I hope this sick fuck gets nipped in the bud before he causes any more pain and suffering to man, or mans best friend. If it had been my dog, the guy would have ended up being a gimp locked in a sea chest and be fed only raw, rotting fish waste for the rest of his, or my years.

  5. Avatar Of Sabine J. Sabine J. says:

    Are there any updates on this?

  6. Avatar Of Ted Blackwell



    Some people do not deserve to live. Who ever did this is one of those. Of further concern, if they would so torture an animal, they may escalate to human victims. I hope they are caught soon, convicted, and the judge maxes them out out their sentence.

  7. Avatar Of Connie Godwin

    Connie Godwin


    How aweful and horrific a death this dog had to experiment! And at the hands of a sorry ass sob! Stories like this just break my heart and I have a hard time getting past it and try not to let it consume me. I hope they are found and in my opinion, they need to experiment the same death this dog had to. All the while I bet she was worried bout what was going to happen to her puppies. My heart goes to the puppies and the owners. God help look after our “best friends”, they deserve a chance like us humans do.

  8. Avatar Of Donald S. Scott




  9. Avatar Of Sammie



    Somebody knows who did this.. it’s just a matter of time.

  10. Avatar Of Dean



    I feel so sad about this .I want to say thank you Barry.They need to find these people and make an example out of them and hurt them in any way they can . This animal cruelty and dog fighting stuff is awful they are so loyal and yet so helpless little things with such a short life span as it is and they dont deserve this. who ever is responsible for this needs to be beaten within an inch of their lives and left to die ,sorry but thats how I feel

  11. Avatar Of Janie Hallack

    Janie Hallack


    Yes When They find out who did This make them Pay Don’t Just sit and Slap their Hands, I can’t Believe So Many people In This world So cruel. I am sorry For This Family. We Had A Chocolate Lab So Kind never Hurt Or Did Any Thing But LOVE You.She Was 14 When She Passed. Sure Miss Her Find Who Did This

  12. Avatar Of Bernice Reynolds

    Bernice Reynolds


    I afraid this is the only way we’re gonna be able to deal with these people. Put a bounty on their ass.

  13. Avatar Of Shannon



    Barry Switzer is a saint!!!!

    • Avatar Of Steve



      Let’s not get crazy….what he did is a good thing, but trust me, this man is far far away from sainthood.

  14. Avatar Of Nicole Borovac

    Nicole Borovac


    Hi – why are people who torture a gentle animal able get away with this sort of crime –
    those dregs of society should be dragged behind a car just like that poor dog
    I would be cheering!! We don’t need people like that in this world!

    • Avatar Of Jay



      I nabsolutely agree
      The once real punishment for such a scumbag would be to treat him the same way.
      People who don,t respect animals don,t merit to be respected bu the society

  15. Avatar Of Patrick Ridge

    Patrick Ridge


    Thank you Barry Switzer for your kindness,as for the dirtbag or dirtbags who committed such a sick act your day will come.

  16. Avatar Of Lisa



    This is a good step but we also have to strengthen the animal cruelty laws in all states. Most perpetrators of the cruelest acts to animals are given slap on the wrist sentences in comparison to their crimes (Michael Vick for example). Anyone who can harm an innocent animal has such a lack of empathy and basic feelings that they could also harm a human…we shouldn’t wait for them to escalate.

  17. Avatar Of Judy Goodman

    Judy Goodman


    I do believe someone is going to come forth about Jetta’s appalling death. All it takes is just one person to be told, and there is a offer of money to that person. Anybody that is able to do what was done to Jetta is a very dangerous and sick, sick, cruel, heartless person, this person needs to be taken off the streets, and fast.

  18. Avatar Of Renee



    I hope Jetta’s family can find peace during this time of heartbreak. I really wish I knew who did it, not for the reward but to bring this cowardly idiot to justice. I think the reward and all who gave is a wonderful thing but they should turn them in because what they did is wrong, period! Allow the family to keep the reward money to help with expenses for the puppies, etc. I could never take the money just for doing what was right to begin with. Jetta nor her family deserved to have this done, it makes me sick to think there are awful people in this world who would take an animal and do such a horrible thing for no reason at all! When I read this story, it made me sick to my stomach. God bless her family and may you keep her love and memory deep in your hearts.

  19. Avatar Of Pat Dodson Pat Dodson says:

    I hope by turning up the reward this person/s are captured and given the max. sentence. I don’t many know many people who live in Okla., but I do know some that I have shared this with who do live in Okla. I live in Kansas. I’ve never hears of such a horrible crime to a dog and not mention she had pups. How sad this is. My heart goes out to her, her pups, and the owners. It had to be someone who knew this family in order to get into the house where the dog was at.
    Good luck in your search.

  20. Avatar Of Dawn F

    Dawn F


    I am absolutely heartbroken to read this story of what happened to Jetta. To Jetta’s family – my heart goes out to you and may you find grace in the memories of her and her beautiful puppies. To Barry Switzer – thank you for your assistance in advancing the search to find the people who did this. And to those who committed this senseless act – the world is full of energy and what you put out there will surely come back to you. Karma will find you, that I can guarantee.

    • Avatar Of Victoria victoria says:

      I sure do hope this low life piece of dirt read’s all of these posts. You rae heartless. You deserve one thing~jail. And a cell near inmates who love animals. you are disgusting, and worth only~spit. DO NOT EVER think for one second~You won’t be repaid for your actions. What goes around, you worthless excuse.

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