Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads…with Dogs!

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 3rd, and as millions tune in to watch the Ravens versus the 49ers, guess what we’ll be looking out for?

That’s right, commercials featuring dogs! 

While we wait to see what companies shelled out $3.8 million per seconds for air time during the Big Game in 2013, here are a few of our favorite Super Bowl commercials from years past…all featuring dogs, of course! Do you remember these?


2012: Watch Quiggley, the pudgy French Bulldog who (with the help of his Sketchers running shoes, of course) win a greyhound race. This commercial stirred up a lot of controversy, even before it was released, because it was shot on location at a greyhound racing facility that animal rights activists claimed had a bad reputation. The location and name of the park were not revealed in the commercial itself.


2012: “The Dog Strikes Back” by Volkswagen was, according to several sources, one of the most well-liked commercials of 2012. And we can see why – it’s pretty inspiring!


2012: Bud Light seems to have mastered the recipe for a successful ad campaign. Beer, humor, and animals. Especially when the animal is a well-trained rescue dog named Weego! (And Kudos to Bud Light for campaigning for rescue dogs!)


2011: Bud Light dazzled us with another commercial featuring dogs! Hilarity ensues when a friend dog-sits with a house full of “party-animals” and a fridge full of beer…


2010: It stinks when someone steals your parking space, especially when that someone is a cat! Check out this ad from Subaru that puts a dog in the driver’s seat. We hear Subaru has several new ads featuring dogs this year, but chose to spend their advertising dollars on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl.


2009: Budweiser is known for their Clydesdales. In this adorable Super Bowl commercial, a Clydesdale raises the ante on his Dalmatian friend. Whoa!

Which commercial was your favorite? Do you remember any great Super Bowl commercials featuring dogs that we missed? Let us know!

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