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12-Week Old Puppy Survives Nearly a Month Trapped in Impounded Car

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A 12-week old Terrier/Schnauzer mix is recovering after living nearly a third of her young life trapped inside a Chevy Suburban at an impound lot in Kansas City, Missouri.

Yahoo! News reported:

A car lot worker spotted the dog on Monday. Danny Rotert, spokesman for the Kansas City municipal government, said the employee was tagging cars for auction when she jumped on top of the dashboard of the Chevy Suburban in which she was trapped. The lot attendant then called the police, who broke into the impounded vehicle to rescue her. The vehicle had been sitting in the lot since April 8.

The Kansas City Pet Project, a rescue group, is now caring for the 3-month old puppy which they’ve named Kia. Kia reportedly survived for nearly a month in the locked vehicle by eating remnants of trash, including leftover McDonald’s take out and possibly even cigars. Miraculously, she managed to survive on only a tiny bit of food and no access to water.

Oddly enough, on May 1, almost a month after his vehicle was impounded, the owner of the car visited the lot to inspect his car. But, he made no mention of the dog, nor did he have the keys to the vehicle with him at the time.

Toni Fugate, a spokesperson for The Kansas City Pet Project said that Kia is expected to make a full recovery, but that she is dealing with severe dehydration and malnutrition. She will be available for adoption when she receives a free bill of health.

Check out the video below for a re-enactment of Kia’s ordeal:

It is simply amazing, a miracle, that this little girl managed to survive.

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  1. Avatar Of Chris



    I see lots of people posting they want her. Go down to a shelter and pick up any dog there who likely has as sad a story, but didn’t make it to the news. Kia will find a home, many of the rest who need a home won’t. In fact, I’m sure the shelter she’s staying in has plenty of hounds that would love a forever home.

    • Avatar Of Frances



      Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. Seems people only want animals like this, when shelters sit full of animals with heart braking stories, most of which never get out alive.

  2. Avatar Of Susanne Amaro

    Susanne Amaro


    Can I adopt her, please. I have a 3 yr old Chihuahua and a 15 yr old lab mix. We can take good care of her she will have a wonderful clean loving home. Please contact me at my email [email protected]

  3. Avatar Of Diane



    BS !!!!. No possible way for this pup to have survived for a month without water.Food maybe but not water, any idiot knows this.

  4. Avatar Of Tina



    Seriously!!?No cop heard a wimper..No one in the tow yard heard, saw that puppy howling/crying for help?? Cuz you kn ow she surely was..SHAME!

  5. Avatar Of Rhonda



    Is the owner of the car facing charges of abuse or neglect? I want to blame whoever towed the vehicle but you can’t blame them for not seeing such a tiny puppy.

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