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3-Year Old Pug Gets Thrown From 7th-Floor Balcony

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Dog Thrown From Balcony
Photo from Carey Leisure & Neal via Tampa Bay Times

On May 1, Bucky, a 3-year old pug, was thrown from a seventh-floor balcony in Clearwater. This tragic incident happened when Bucky’s owner, Eric Adeson, had an argument with his girlfriend, Shelley Nicole Vaughn. 

Vaughn, during the disagreement, threw Bucky off the balcony along with Adeson’s keys and cellphone. Bucky was found dead on the pavement below.

According to Adeson, he adopted Bucky when he was just a puppy to keep his 10-year old dog, Sandy, company. Sandy, a puggle, was undergoing cancer treatment at that time. The two dogs became playmates ever since Adeson brought Bucky home. 

Adeson told Tampa Bay Times that “He (Bucky) just actually had his third birthday, I never thought that Sandy would outlive Bucky.”

Vaughn was arrested the next day by the Clearwater Police Department. She has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty, criminal mischief and domestic battery. According to Katherine Neal, Adeson’s lawyer, a civil complaint was filed against Vaughn in the Pinellas County Clerk of Court office. Adeson also asked for $30,000 in damages

Adeson was completely devastated and said during his interview, “I would encourage people to love their pets and appreciate their pets and hug their pets tonight. Because you don’t know that they’ll be there tomorrow.”
In honor of Bucky and to support Adeson, Carey Leisure & Neil law firm has started a fundraiser called Bucks for Bucky.

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