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4 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Water Fountain (Plus, Your Chance to Win One!)

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All living things need water to survive…and dogs are no exception. A dog’s internal temperature controls, energy regulation, and internal organs are all affected by water. Since their bodies are made up of about 80% water and they’re continually losing water through salivation, urination, and elimination, dogs need to frequently rehydrate in order for these systems to operate properly.

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Fortunately, it’s easy to increase your dog’s water intake and encourage healthy hydration. Studies show that a water fountain can help increase your dog’s water consumption, improve hydration, and decrease chances of contamination from unhealthy toxins. Here are four more reasons to get your dog a water fountain. (Plus, your chance to win one! Keep reading!)

1. Dogs generally prefer to drink moving water.

Have you ever found your dog drinking from the toilet bowl or licking a dripping faucet? Studies have shown that animals – and dogs in particular – prefer to drink from moving water rather than still water found in a traditional bowl. One theory is that dogs’ wild ancestors relied on natural sources for drinking water, and running water is generally safer and less polluted than stagnant water.

Another theory is that it simply tastes better! No matter the reason, it’s been proven that most dogs will choose to drink moving water over stagnant water, making a water fountain the perfect way to create good drinking habits.

2. Water from a fountain is clean, cool, and fresh.

Automatic pet water fountains use a submersible pump to constantly circulate your dog’s drinking water. Because the water is in constant motion, it is typically a cooler (and more refreshing) temperature than stagnant water. Additionally, the water passes through a filter to clean out any dirt and impurities, making it clean and fresh – and better tasting.

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3. Fountains encourage dogs to drink more.

An average healthy dog drinks about 1 ounce of water per pound of bodyweight per day. That means your 50-pound dog can easily go through 50 ounces of water (or nearly a half gallon of water) every single day. They’ll require even more during warmer months or following exercise. Because pet water fountains keep your dog’s water in constant motion, keep the water cool and clean, and ensure there’s always fresh water available, they entice your dog to drink more and drink more often!

4. Fountains are convenient for busy pet parents.

Many dog parents find water fountains to be more convenient than standard water bowls for a number of reasons. Not only is there a huge health benefit for the dogs, but water fountains generally hold more water than a regular bowl, they stay cleaner longer and don’t need the constant daily cleaning and filling that regular dishes require. Maintenance is pretty simple with water fountains – simply clean them weekly and change the filters monthly.

Water fountains are available in a variety of different styles and materials, to fit any size budget and any home’s decor, too. It’s just a matter of finding one that you – and more importantly, your dog – like!

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