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Tony Knight

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Australian TV’s ‘Celebrity Dog Listener’ discusses the Amichien Bonding method, made famous by his mother, Jan Fennell.

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Tony Knight, Australia TV’s “Celebrity Dog Listener,” will discuss the famous Amichien Bonding method of dog training in his Dogington University webinar on April 23rd.

Tony Knight is the son of Jan Fennell, the original Dog Listener and for the last fifteen years has been helping, directly and indirectly, tens of thousands of dog owners all over the world, by showing them how to employ Jan Fennell’s method; Amichien® Bonding.

Tony is Australian TV’s “Celebrity Dog Listener” (we know, their title, not ours!) regularly appearing on network breakfast TV. He also has guest slots and phone-ins on three different radio stations, appears at talks, seminars and educational courses all over the world and is the resident dog behavior expert for a famous pet store chain.

Tony works hard at getting the Amichien® message “out there”; and that message is; how to get the very best out of your relationship with your dog, without having to resort to gizmos, gadgets, violence or enforced dominance (we are, after all, supposed to be dog lovers!).

The many people that see Tony at different events, or talk to him personally, are often pleased (and somewhat relieved) to find that Amichien® Bonding isn’t the preserve of gifted individuals, or only for those with many years experience of working with dogs, it isn’t a black art jealously guarded by its practitioners; this method can be taught to (and used by) anyone! Its common sense approach has meant Tony has been invited to work closely with many dog organizations, rescue centers and vets, who can clearly see the validity of what he teaches.

This is all far removed from what Tony originally planned to do with his life. He has had success as a musician. playwright and stand up comic and, fifteen years ago, was busy working as a Research and Development man, when he was first asked for assistance by his mum; Jan Fennell.

Following the phenomenal success of her first book “The Dog Listener” Jan was inundated with calls for assistance from dog owners, desperate for help in solving canine behavioral problems. Unfortunately, there was only one of her to go around! Enter Tony (stage left).
Having watched Jan develop Amichien Bonding from the start, Tony was already well versed in the method, so agreed to help out, although he definitely wasn’t what anyone would call a “doggy person”- by any stretch of the imagination!  Initially Tony used his holidays and weekends to help out wherever he could and was rewarded by seeing the life changing differences he was making to the lives of both dogs and their owners.

With the interest generated by more books, TV shows, talk tours and radio appearances, as had previously been the case with Jan, the demand for assistance soon outstripped the supply and Jan and Tony realized that they would never be able to help as many people as they would like, even if they worked 24/7!, another approach was needed. With his experience as a tutor Tony helped Jan develop a way of teaching others to do what they did and devised two and three day courses, giving students and in depth knowledge of Amichien Bonding. Students graduating from these courses could then help other dog owners who were experiencing behavioral problems with their pets. Today, in order to reach as many people as possible, Tony takes these educational courses all over the world, ensuring there are approved Dog Listeners spread from Europe to the USA to Australia and New Zealand.

To learn more about Tony Knight and Amichien Bonding, visit his website at www.janfennellthedoglistener.com.
Check out Jan Fennell’s book, “The Dog Listener: Learn How to Communicate with Your Dog for Willing Cooperation.”

Take one of Jan Fennell and Tony Knight’s Amichien Bonding courses!
Chicago 15-17th June
Gardener,Montana 22-23 June
Portland, Oregon 6-7 July.
More details on any of these courses can be found here: http://www.janfennellthedoglistener.com/educationalcourses.php

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