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Steven Reid

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Dog trainer, Steve Reid, owner of S.R. Dog Training LLC will address the importance of food in dog training to prevent and improve behavior issues. If you missed Steve’s webinar, you can watch the replay here!

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My background includes having a Master’s Degree in Physical Education & Sports Pedagogy, as well as being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  I have taught and coached children ranging from 3-18 years old as well as trained competitive athletes and professionals in numerous fields ranging from 18-86 years old.

After spending just one year volunteering as a dog walker at my local humane society, and educating myself on the U.S. shelter system and various dog training styles; I knew that I wanted and needed to help these dogs.  As a result, I created my mission of “Changing the World for Dogs”.


I am not a trainer who teaches dog tricks, agility course work, scent detection or personal protection training.  There are other trainers who deal in those specialized areas.  Owners typically come to me when they have tried other trainers and they have not been able to help them, or when they want to train their dog the correct way from the start.  I am concerned with helping dogs get out of shelters and into homes, and keeping dogs in their home and out of shelters.

My extensive teaching experience and background in education enables me to “re-educate” both owner and dog.  I have broken down the concepts that are essential to successful dog training into a clear and fair training system that is easy for owners to implement and for all dogs to understand.  This has enabled me to successfully help both dog and owner around the world.


I have set out to “Change the World for Dogs”, so dogs will not be killed (euthanized is simply a euphemism to soften the truth) in shelters.  I want to show the world that archaic training methods that use harsh corrections are not necessary; and that there is a more effective, safe, and fair style of dog training to use.  This will help dog and owner to live a happy life together without all the stress, frustration and worry that accompany so many dog owning families.

To learn more about Steve’s methods of training and his mission to “Change the World for Dogs,” visit www.SRDogTraining.com.

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