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7 Myths about CBD for Pets

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Every pet lover has a soft spot for the pets and commits themselves to keep them safe and healthy. But just like human beings, pets are also susceptible to various ailments that could lead to death in the long run.


Due to this, owners are trying to find the best cure and supplements to enhance pets’ wellness. CBD may be the best natural remedy for various health problems your pet goes through. However, most pet owners are skeptical when it comes to the therapeutic benefits it has on the pet because of the confusing information about CBD in the mainstream media.

How do you separate the facts from myths? Here are some of the common myths about CBD to clear your mind and make more informed decisions.

1.    CBD Can Get Your Pet High: 

It is a misunderstanding that confronts many pet owners. Most of them usually believe that administering a certain amount of CBD gets the pets high and causes euphoria. 

However, research shows that CBD is non-intoxicant and is derived from the hemp plant. Hemp contains a small amount of THC, less than 0.3%. THC is the substance responsible for the intoxicating effects. With such negligible amounts of THC, the chances of your pet getting high are very minimal. 

The only way your pet can get high is if you administer low-quality products that contain high levels of THC. The best thing is that you can find a reputable shop to buy cannabidiol products in 2020.

2.    CBD Can Cure All Ailments: 


It is another myth spread by unethical CBD products dealers who promise to treat all kinds of ailments. It is, however, not true, as no approved research supports these claims. Therefore, avoid over depending on CBD to cure your pet’s health conditions. 

On the other hand, CBD has some medical benefits, like treating signs and symptoms of particular disorders. These are research-backed benefits of using CBD oil on your pet: 

  • Anti-inflammatory: It property of CBD can help treat cancer symptoms, improve appetite, treating nausea, relieving stress and anxiety, and treating heart condition. 
  • Fighting cancer-related symptoms: Studies reveal that the use of CBD can slow down the growth, spread, and expansion of cancer cells. It also helps to manage cancer symptoms and can ease appetite or vomiting issues.
  • Reduces convulsions: CBD can be beneficial for treating pet disorders such as seizures, spasms, and tremors. It can also cure and relieve symptoms of epilepsy. 
  • Improves overall health: CBD is a good supplement that helps improve the overall health and wellbeing of pets, for instance, metal and physical health.  
  • Ease pain: One of the main benefits of CBD is to ease the pain. Various research studies also state that CBD can help manage and minimize neuropathic discomfort in pets, especially when dealing with arthritis and joint pain. 

3.    CBD Cause Fatigue in Pets: 

Most people assume that all the CBD products can make a pet tired and sleepy. It is, however, not the case as CBD doesn’t have any sedative compounds. But if the product contains high levels of THC, then it can trigger fatigue. 

On the contrary, CBD makes them feel better by treating all forms of anxiety and preventing severe infections. It, in the end, relaxes and gives them a better sleep. 

Some of the anxiety disorders in a pet that CBD can help with include; 

  • Continuous chewing
  • Unremitting barks
  • Sudden aggression 
  • Unusual pooping and urinating 
  • Convulsions 

4.    All CBD Products are Similar


The statement that all CBD are the same is just a myth. It isn’t very clear, especially if you are looking for a quality product for your pet.

There is a variety of CBD products available in the market with varying quality. The quality depends on the cultivation methods of the hemp plant and the production methods used in processing the CBD product.

Most of the time, low prices indicate poor quality products. On the other hand, trustworthy sellers go an extra mile by testing CBD to ensure that what you get is pure and effective.

5.    Pets Can Overdose From CBD

Although CBD may have a few harmless and temporary side effects, it doesn’t cause intoxication. Instead, it offers excellent medicinal benefits that enhance the health and life of your pet.

Besides, there is no standard dose for your pet. That’s because the effects of CBD on pets are influenced by various factors such as the weight of the pet and the potency of CBD. However, it would help if you kept the dose low as you start and increase gradually to minimize the side effects.

6.    You Can Give Your Pet Your Own Prescribed CBD Products

Cbd Drops Min

Since CBD works for humans, some pet owners believe that there is no harm to sharing them with their pets. But even though CBD for humans and pets may seem similar, the concentration is entirely different. It is because your body weight and the metabolic rate differ from that of your pet. 

Also, the potency of CBD in the products designed for humans is highly concentrated and unfit for pets. It’s a good idea to consult with your vet before trying your CBD products on your pet. 

7.    CBD for Pets is Illegal

The legality of CBD is another primary concern among pet owners. Like most hemp-derived products, CBD is legal federally. However, state laws can vary. In places where CBD is legal, you can easily find the products everywhere from physical stores to online shops. Besides, you don’t need a prescription to use hemp-derived products. So, yes, CBD for pets is legal, and there is no harm trying it.


CBD is promising for both humans and pets, thanks to its potential therapeutic benefits. However, it’s important to understand that research on CBD and its effects is ongoing. As of now, there is limited evidence of its health benefits. Apart from the limited studies, some pet owners claim CBD has helped their pets manage various conditions and improve their health. Now that you can separate the myths and facts, you can decide whether to try CBD on your pet. Just make sure to do more research and consult with your vet before administering CBD to your pet.

Jeffery Thompson is a full-time content marketing specialist. He has been closely following the pet, CBD and Cannabis industry trends for quite some time. He has dabbled in various domains before the cannabis industry. On his off days, he likes to spend his time at the nearest animal shelter or nose deep in a book.

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