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A Pet Parent’s Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Dogs

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Natural disasters (or any other similar emergencies) are usually among the things no one expects to happen. And it often happens that such occurrences catch people off guard, so they start panicking and forgetting things they should’ve done to go through this horrible experience comfortably.

This includes taking care of their pets.


If you’re a dog owner it’s probably hard for you to imagine that you’d sacrifice safety and comfort of your best friend for anything else, let alone forget about it completely.

In order to prevent such things from happening, it’s better to prepare beforehand. You have a lot higher chance of remembering all the things you need to do and buy when you’re in normal conditions.

And to make the preparation process even easier for you, we’ve put together this infographic. It’s a pet disaster preparedness checklist. It will help you to stay focused and make sure you’ve done everything you could so that you and your pet feel safe during a disaster.

We’ll break this infographic down a little bit.

The first part is a to-do list. This is what you should take care of beforehand, because it’s very likely that the state of emergency will limit your possibilities.

The second part is a checklist that will help you to put together sort of a survival kit. It includes all the essential items that will help your pet last a couple of days during a disaster.

We hope this infographic will come in handy.


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