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How To Prepare A Dog Disaster Emergency Kit

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A disaster can strike at any time. And being ready for a disaster can make all the difference in a pet owner’s furry friend’s survival. To ensure your pet’s safety in a chaotic situation, major emergency and rescue organizations advise putting together a kit with the following supplies.

Everything your pet would require to survive for at least a week should be included in your kit. You might not have access to water or be able to get in touch with your veterinarian to get a prescription refill. Nothing should be taken for granted. 

The following essentials should be in your dog’s well-stocked emergency kit:

Blankets or beds: A comfortable item can help puppies feel less anxious and bored in a strange environment. Travel blankets are a wise addition to your pack along with a comfort item like a blanket, travel pet bed, or a quiet chew toy.

Vaccination and Medical Records: Create a pet profile on your phone using one of the apps available for download, then upload the vaccination and medical history records for your dog so that you can easily access them wherever you are. In case your phone is inaccessible, your emergency kit should also contain a waterproof bag or container filled with proof of ownership, including vaccination records, pictures, and descriptions of each pet.

Medication and First Aid: Include a 30-day supply of your dog’s regular medication in your pet’s emergency kit. In case of injury, remember to bring a full pet first aid kit and a basic pet first aid guide.

Drinking Water: It can be difficult to find clean water during a natural disaster. Have enough potable water on hand for the entire family, including the pets, for a full week. 

Leashes and Waste Disposal: Keep an extra leash and collar in your pet’s emergency kit in case your primary set gets lost or damaged. In case your dog needs to spend a long time sheltering in place or being contained in a car or community shelter, pack waste bags and puppy pads as well.

Other Items to Consider: While the above-mentioned items are essentials, creating your own pet emergency kit allows you to customize it to your dog’s specific requirements. For instance, if you live in a flood zone, a dog life jacket, a crate or carrier for smaller pets, rain booties or jackets, and anxiety relievers can all be helpful additions to a go-bag.

It’s essential to keep the contents of your cat or dog’s emergency kit up-to-date once you’ve established a disaster preparedness plan for your pets. Every six months, replace any food or water in the pet emergency kit. On all food and water containers, note the date you prepared it or checked it so you’ll know when to replace it. Maintain the accuracy of all other items in your pet’s emergency kit, especially the emergency contacts and vaccination records.

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