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All-Natural Flea Prevention

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We’ve all dealt with them at some point. Yep, I’m talking about fleas – those pesky little wingless insects that live on our dogs, bite them, and lay eggs on their skin. There’s some controversy surrounding the safety of the over-the-counter flea preventions and shampoos, and many of us prefer an all-natural flea prevention instead. We’ve heard a lot of natural and at-home options that may seem a little crazy, but these great all-natural options from the folks at EarthClinic are tried and true, and naturally healthy for Fido.

All-Natural Flea Prevention For Dogs

The addition of Garlic to every one of our dog’s meals will help to keep them free of fleas, as will the addition of Sulphur to their diet on a once a week basis. You can also try giving your pet Black Walnut Hulls that come in a capsule form at many health food stores which will repel not only fleas but also, ticks and mosquitoes.  Keep in mind that none of these solutions will work overnight and may take about four to six weeks before they are effective.

If you suspect that your pet does have a flea infestation examine the animal closely by separating the hair on the animals back or flank area.  You want to be able to view the skin of the animal as well as possible and it will always be easier to detect fleas on those pets that have a lighter skin tone.  During your search you might actually be able to see a flea scurrying by, but more likely you will see the evidence that the flea has left behind.  Flea dirt (or feces) will appear as small, black pebbles in the fur and on the skin.  To determine whether or not what you see is actually flea dirt, take some wet paper towel and wipe it over areas where the dirt is most prominent.  If the dirt on the wet paper towel has dissolved into red blood then you can bet that you are indeed dealing with a flea problem.

Do you have any all-natural flea prevention tips that you swear by that aren’t mentioned above? Let us know about them! And, learn more great flea prevention ideas by clicking here.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Sally Thomas

    Sally Thomas


    I have used powdered brewer’s yeast for years as a flea/tick prevention. It comes with garlic or peanut butter flavoring as well. My dogs have never had fleas and ticks are repelled, leaving their coats shiny and healthy. I live in a rural area with elk,deer,foxes,coyotes and other assorted wildlife and the dogs are constantly prowling through the timber and brush frequented by the wildlife, so I know the parasites are out there, but not on my dogs. The dogs love the flavored brewer’s yeast whether added to their food (powdered form) or in pill form. Well worth the effort/cost compared to “flea/tick collars” that are costly as well as bad for the dog’s skin.

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