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Amazing! Service Dog Dials 911 During House Fire

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A Philadelphia woman is alive today, thanks to quick action yesterday by her service dog.

Yolanda the service dog dialed 911 when fire broke out in her blind handler’s home. Image via Red Paw Relief.

When fire broke out in the Philadelphia home of a blind woman in her 60’s, her service dog, Yolanda, immediately dialed 911 on a specialized phone, alerting authorities who quickly arrived and put out the blaze and took the woman to a nearby hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation.

And, this isn’t the first time Yolanda has used her special phone to save her handler’s life. NBC10 reported that last year the heroic dog dialed 911 when the woman fell down in her home and lost consciousness.

Because of the fire, Yolanda and her family were displaced from their home. They are currently being assisted by the Red Cross and the Red Paw.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Ingrid Kokshoorn

    Ingrid Kokshoorn


    A dog’s love is unconditional and will last until the dog dies…..We have been married 52 3/4 years, we have had dogs from day 1, German Shepherds that lived for over 12 years and died of arthritis and a lump of cancer…..Dobermans, Rottweilers we lost at different periods of time but 3 Rotties died of Cancer, Molly, Ben and Buster all at 6 years of age in 6 1/2 years…….it is like losing a child……you may laugh but a very big hole was left in my heart…….we lost Buster a quiet big gentle giant this year on a Friday 13th of March. We were left with a small breed of Rottie Roxy, she misses Buster so much that she has gone quieter than usual, tail between her legs, unusually different….so we got another dog or should I say puppy at 10 weeks…….on 21st of April 2015 Tyson we called him a Part German Shepherd, his father was a purebred black and his mother a big, gorgeous Rottie so now that he is 6 months and 11 days, he is huge, more like a miniature horse but great, we had him desexed 2 weeks ago and his stitches came out the other day. I expected him to be less boisterous etc…….but he picked up speed…ha ha……he is quieter now and other days he is very boisterous….but he gets along with Roxy, they play and they fight a bit, she is still not sure what happened to Buster, saw his body before we buried him…..and I have a feeling she thinks we got rid if him………silly girl…..we lost 7 dogs to Tiger Snake bites over a 7 year period and we downsized to a house in town from 6 acres and I do not miss the snakes at all. Dogs are our family now that the kids and grandkids have moved on and we also have 2 great grandchildren and a third one nearly here……such is life.,

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