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Argentinian Soccer Player Fired After Throwing Dog

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Argentinian footballer, Jose Jimenez, has been fired from his team, Bella Vista, after grabbing a dog that had wandered onto the field by the neck and tossing him about 10 to 15 feet through the air and into a chain link fence. The incident, caught on video below, has created worldwide outrage and destroyed the reputation of Jimenez (rightfully so!).

The announcer’s voice in the video can be translated to say, “Pets are not to blame for an adverse result on the playing field!”

You can see in the video that the dog, being approached by Jimenez, crouched down in a very submissive position, not trying to run away. Simply walking the animal off of the field would have been simple and appropriate.

Jimenez was originally only given a temporary suspension of three games for his actions, but after public outcry, was terminated from the team. The booted soccer player is still eligible to join other teams, but finding fans to support him is highly unlikely.

Warning: The video is shocking, please watch at your own risk. The dog shown in the video suffered some cuts and bruises, but is otherwise healthy and is back at home with his owners.

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  1. Avatar Of Mike Smeck Mike Smeck says:

    The video says it all…He NEEDS to be brought up on animal cruelty charges…I hope he NEVER plays this sport for a professional team again…And these are supposed to be role models for our children…GRRRRRR!!!

  2. Avatar Of Savannah



    Shoot him. Jerk

  3. Avatar Of Juliann Valencia

    Juliann Valencia


    What a peace of shit he is. Throw his ass against the fence. I will.

    • Avatar Of Brenda Cash

      Brenda Cash


      I wish I could spit nails!!!!! He’d be covered in em’ and then we could throw his ass off a mountain somewhere….I’m sick to death of animals paying the price for out of control Humans! I shutter to think what this man does to animals and others when no one is watching. God Knows though and he will pay, someday…….

  4. Avatar Of Kathy Smith

    Kathy Smith


    I am glad that the team fired him. It might have been a momentary thing this time but how many times has he done the same off the field? This man needs anger management classes badly, and then he needs to be taught the value of an animals love by being made to work with them ( under supervision at all times). He also needs to never have an animal of his own–EVER. But his team definately did the right thing by firing him and I hope no other team hires him at all. He is a bad example of what an athlete should be–an example for children to be able to follow. I also hope that the parents of the children who saw this incident take the time to talk to their children about cruelty to animals or other people, and teach them kindness and responsibility to take care of other species.

  5. Avatar Of Shari



    What an A#&*hole! Fire him!

  6. Avatar Of Adam



    How did his own and the other teammates not rip him to shreds immediately? He would not have walked out of there if I was there, I promise you that.

    Michael Vic has been reborn 🙁

  7. Avatar Of Mary Johnsn

    Mary Johnsn


    He deserved to be fired. Sports figures are supposed to be an example for our youth and he is a horrible example.

  8. I would never knowingly watch this man play a sport ….ever. despicable.

  9. Avatar Of Norberto Rodriguez Van Rousselt

    Norberto Rodriguez Van Rousselt


    Es un canalla. Duro ejempklo del fútbol en Argentina, lleno de patoteros y delincuentes.

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