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Arnie the Beagle Devoured $275 in Cash!

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A Clearwater, Florida Beagle is in the dog house after snacking on nearly three hundred dollars that he found in his human’s purse.

Bay News 9 reported,

Arnie O’Kelley has a lovable personality, sweet beagle eyes and a dirty little secret. The repeat offender’s crime makes him sound more like a banker: snacking on $300 in cold, hard cash.

“I saw there was a 20 and a five,” Arnie’s owner Corey O’Kelley said. “The five had been chewed on a little bit, and so, I didn’t think much of it. I figured my wife had a few bucks in her wallet.”

The O’Kelley’s were planning to use the $300 for their daughter’s swim lessons. But, the family Beagle, Arnie, had other plans… to use the cash as a meal!


Arnie has committed the same crime before. About 7 years ago, the adorable thief snacked on $100. But, luckily, the money uh… “reappeared” in one piece. This time, the O’Kelley’s were not so lucky! Arnie’s owner Corey O’Kelley explained, ” it looks like he systematically tore every single bill apart and swallowed it.”

So, for now, the O’Kelley’s are patiently waiting, and piecing together what “turns up” of their cash.

Has your dog ever swallowed something important or valuable? Tell us about it!

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