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Aubrey O’Day’s Dogs Rub Their Butts on Restaurant Tables

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Aubrey O’Day (From WikiPedia)

Aubrey O’Day – a star on the Celebrity Apprentice – took her dogs to lunch at an LA Restaurant. But to the shock of other diners, Aubrey’s puppies began to rub their butts on the table.

The staff at Toast was content to let the dogs have their way on the table but other diners weren’t as forgiving. Some of them reached for their phones and called the Health Department.

Aubrey needs to get her puppies to a vet quickly. The reason dogs rub their butts on hard surfaces is because their anal glands swell up and need to be expressed. It’s itchy and can be painful for the dogs.

Perhaps she doesn’t recognize the signs but as a star who seems to love her puppies, she needs to get them to a vet quickly.

Aubrey might want to check out Ralph’s explanation of Why Dogs Lick Their Butts.

And the full story of Aubrey’s lunch (complete with puppy table rubs) can be found right here.

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